Friday, March 23, 2018

Sissy Titties & Making Them Larger

Pump them up daily and let those little breasts get a good stretch so they do grow ever so slightly. Sissy breast tissue is no match for this suction and the cups will soon be filled completely with Sissies new breasts.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Training A Husband To Be A Cum Eater

Step 1 - Make him kneel and use his hand to produce a fresh ejaculation as you watch, Encourage him to enjoy his orgasm.  When he squirts freeze this immediately

Step 2 - Feed him a previously frozen ejaculation immediately as he has his first squirt and before his penis goes flaccid. As he tastes the semen remind him if he was cock sucking this semen would be squirting into his mouth.
Step 3  - Remind him as he slowly sucks the frozen semen he is your Sissy Semen Eater.
Step 4 - Repeat Daily
Consider your husbands mind.  He just had an enjoyable orgasm into an unlubed condom. He has a mouthful of semen (frozen) and he tastes it as it slowly melts.  His penis is slowly going limp and the full condom is hanging off his flaccid penis.  He's kneeling before you completely cross dressed albeit panties pulled down around his knees. If he had just given a blowjob he would be in this exact position. 
To make the scene special as he strokes to achieve his orgasm go to the freezer and take a frozen ejaculation out with a spoon and hold it up in front of his face as you stand before him looking down at him and coax him to have a nice orgasm. Make sure to  Tell him squirt a nice big load and you will reward him with a Sissy Treat.  That same Sissy Treat will be right in front of his face on the spoon.
Remind him of his submission and obedience and his desire to be your Sissy Husband Housewife and how much it pleases you to see him on his knees masturbating and soon to be consuming a fresh load of his own semen.  As soon as he starts squirting tell him to open his mouth and pop the frozen semen into his mouth. Tell him how happy you are to have cum eating husband and glad you are to never have to swallow his semen again.
When he is done squirting tell him to remove the condom and hold it up to his face as he is sucking on the frozen Semen Treat and let him know this will soon be in his belly too and put it into the freezer immediately. Freeze it hanging so it forms the shape of the condom. And remind him again A Sissy on his knees that just sucked a cock would have the taste of cum in his mouth. The ask him how the cum tastes.
The act of eating his own semen after every ejaculation, when his desire and excitement of the orgasm is over, and listening to you remind him that he is your submissive and very obedient semen eating Sissy Husband will help his mind relent and agree that he has no choice but to enjoy his Frozen Sissy Treat. 
 As he progresses you can offer to feed him more perhaps before bed, or first thing in the morning and as soon as you get home from work.
1 for 1 ejaculation. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Training Your Sissy Husband Housewife

If you have a Sissy Husband like mine the simplest way to keep him attentive, submissive and obedient is to first require that he keep himself shaved smooth all the time. Then add simple touches like nails, makeup and a wig or make him grow his own hair longer.

Hairless Sissy Housewife Husbands look so cute and they seemingly love to wear lingerie when denuded.

These Sissies are a perfect example of how quickly a male can become an attractive feminized Sissy Housewife Husband.

Add lingerie, a dress and heels and soon you will have a pretty Sissy Housewife.  Once you have them under control they quickly learn to obey only you.

My husband obeys me. He told me he wanted to be my Sissy so now its a requirement in our marriage. He has no choice now. He wears matching panties and a bra *all* the time now.  He even has two bikinis for the summer too.

He wore a pretty dress, bra, panties, garter belt, hose and heels for me this morning and kissed me good bye at the from door.  And he smelled good too with the perfume he had on as well.

My Pretty Sissy Housewife will meet me at the front door when I get home ready to please me.

What he needs now is for me to invite my divorced girlfriend over to show her how I control my marriage and my husband. He would be so surprised!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My Wife NEVER has to ask me to Thank Her for my Spencer Paddling

I understand the importance of a Spencer Paddling from my wife
Her Spencer Paddle is an Excellent Teacher
It teaches me Complete Obedience and Submission
I know to ask politely for the Spencer Paddle
I know to set up proper restraints so my wife can secure me tightly
I know to accept the punishment as quietly as I can
I never ask for my Spencer Paddling to stop, my wife knows when to stop
I want and expect it to hurt and I know she enjoys paddling me
I always have a ball gag or some panties and duct tape to keep me silent if needed
I always kneel to thank my wife and French kiss her ass for my Spencer Paddling
 Afterwards all I want to do is please her and only her orally to multiple orgasms
I expect nothing in return and happily go to bed with a very hard erection

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Absolutely Red Hot Dress For Sissy

Easy Access - Easy To Unzip And Paddle That Ass Bright Red Then Zip It Back Up - Perfect For Parties And Public Events When You Can Quickly Find A Quiet Private Spot To Teach Your Sissy Obedience. 

If you are lucky enough to have understanding friends or better a girlfriend you have exposed your Sissy Husband to for an on the spot ass paddling that will teach him a very humbling submissive obedience lesson. He will get his ass paddled and reddened and then he will be zipped back up and continue to entertain and serve you and your friend(s) albeit much more attentive.

And you can enjoy watching your friend enjoy just how you have your husband trained to be a Total Sissy.  Not many wives can say they have a perfectly shaved smooth feminized husband that is totally obedient but I sure can say it.

My husband is a total Sissy.