Monday, December 12, 2016

Hairless - From The Neck Down - Shaved Smooth

Took a nice tub bath yesterday and smooth shaved everything from the neck down.  Even my arms are shaved. My wife helped me with my back and legs and made sure I was clean shaved.  She likes me smooth shaved.

This morning she had my jeans skirt and a new turtle neck sweater laid our and a black bra and panties.  I picked out a black garter belt and tan stocking and my strappy 4" wedges.  The stockings look so good with freshly shaved legs.

When I got dressed I felt so perfectly Sissy!  My panties and perfume matched my wife as well.  She texted me when she got to work and told me how pretty I was this morning and my panties immediately got wet.  The tip of my penis was dripping precum just from her text.

Tonight she promised to help me with my nails and makeup and wig and shoot a nice photo of me by the Christmas tree.

And she promised me a mouthful of fresh semen after I ask permission to masturbate.  She told me tonight I would be fed my ejaculate and I was to hold it in my mouth to really enjoy the taste.  I have not ejaculated for at least 10 days so it will be very thick.  I promised to obey her to learn to like the taste.

I hope I fill the spoon so she can feed me a really nice load of semen.  She loves to see me eat my semen now.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Yes She Does!

I am learning to eat it anytime I ejaculate.  I really do not like the taste but I eat it because my wife tells me to eat it.  It pleases her to see me swallow my semen.  I want to please her so I want to eat my semen.  She like to use the Hitachi Wand on me as I kneel on the coffee table.  She holds my erection with one hand and the Hitachi Wand with the other hand over a small glass with water or some wine, beer or vodka.  The Hitachi Wand guarantees and nice thick load especially since she only lets me ejaculate every week or two.  As soon as I am done squirting I kneel and she either pours it into my mouth or hands me the glass and tells me "Drink It Sissy".  I do as she asks and swallow my fresh semen.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

We Will Visit My Divorced Friend And He Will Be Wearing A Bra Panties Garter Belt and Lace Top Stockings

My husband and I talked about exposing him slowly to my friend Ann. She has been divorced for many years and always asks how we make our marriage work. Little does she know that because my husband is submissive to me and now very much my Sissy Housewife Husband he has become a perfect Obedient Sissy Housewife Husband.

If she only knew he's shaved smooth and gets up every morning and put on panties (matching panties as mine), bra, garter belt, hose, heels and a dress, skirt and blouse or Leggings and pretty top to please me. He asks for a morning spanking before I leave for work. He does not ejaculate without my permission and if he does he eats it. I would love to make him kneel before us to show her how he will eat his semen after masturbation.

When necessary he freely submits to a severe paddling , strapping or canings.  She would be amazed that I can punish him completely restrained and helpless until he stops complaining and just takes the beating.  I would love to show her how well he takes his punishment and and how docile and submissive he is afterwards kneeling before me thanking me for his freshly beaten ass.

I have been hinting to her when we talk on the phone. I tell her he is cooking me a nice dinner and has the table set and he insists on serving me. She laughs and I will say he will be doing the dishes after dinner too wearing his apron. He has his own monogrammed apron.

I let her know he does all the laundry and is so meticulous when he folds our panties (oops did I say our panties to her). I even told her he hangs all our bras (oops our bras for me on hangers. I let her know I give him a chores list on Friday and tell him he has to get his housework done every Saturday morning.

While talking to my friend on the phone Sissy was doing the ironing while dressed in pretty lingerie. She invited us to her house for the weekend, I told her we would love to come visit but my hubby needs to get his chores done first. I told her we would love to come over for dinner.And I told her we can make my hubby clean up after dinner and serve us wine.

What I did not tell her is he would be wearing his black bra panties garter belt and lace top stockings. And I will make sure I have his apron in my pocketbook just to show her he does obey when I tell him to clean up the dishes.

My New Collar

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

After Dinner - Desert - Vodka Cum Shooter

Dressed in my matching nightgown, black bra, panties, garter belt lace top stockings and high heels my wife asked me to get on the coffee table so she could milk me.

She has a vodka shot underneath me and held my penis directly over the glass and used the Hitachi Wand to coax a nice large ejaculation into the glass.

That Hitachi Wand makes it so easy to ejaculate.  She does not lose a drop of semen.  It all goes into the glass so I can then I kneel and drank it down.  My sperm belongs in my belly.

And the smile on her face when I swallow is priceless.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

My Sissy Housemaid Husband Doing *HIS* Housework

He so cute.  He is shaved smooth and locked into his maids uniform and has a new petticoat on underneath.  If he's a good Sissy he will be given permission to kneel and masturbate and drink his semen.  His penis is so hard right now and he has no panties on.  He is a very obedient Sissy Housewife Husband.

Monday, October 31, 2016

My New Collar - To Identify Me As My Wife's Sissy

My wife bought me a Locking Sissy Collar.  White with Red Stitching and Red Interior.  It has her name and Sissy on the front.

She needs to order a personalized engraved lock as well with her name on it and our anniversary date.

I cannot wait to try it on!  it will be perfect for when she takes me dress, bra and panty shopping.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Vodka Semen Shot - Great Way To Swallow A Large Load

My wife only gives me permission to ejaculate maybe once every two weeks and I must eat it.  I also have to ask permission for an erection.

We were sitting on the couch with our matching nightgowns on and she was holding my limp penis and she asked me if I wanted to ejaculate.  I started getting hard in her hand and she said I was allowed to get nice and hard for her.  I asked her if I could ejaculate and eat my semen and she said yes.

I got on my knees and let her stroke me. She told me to keep it hard and went and got the Hitachi Wand and a small glass of Vodka.  I held my penis on top of the Hitachi Wand and told my wife I really wanted to ejaculate and eat my semen.

I love the way the semen clumps when it hits the vodka.  The Hitachi Wand makes it so easy to direct the squirting semen into the glass.  I really produced a nice thick load and enjoyed swallowing it all.

The semen did not even stick to the glass and it slid right down my throat as she poured it into my mouth.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Love This Drawing - A Sissy Husband And His Wife

I love to wear my a pretty dress and lingerie for my wife to please her and to show her how obedient and submissive I am to her.  Standing before her wearing her same perfume and shaved smooth from the neck down in a cute dress high heels, stockings, garter belt, panties and bra is such a pleasure for me when I see her smile.

I want her to see her well trained Sissy Husband respectfully dressed as she expects. She should see a Sissy Husband that takes the times to make himself pretty just for her and to obey her wishes.  And when she gets home from work that same Sissy Housewife Husband is there to greet her at the front door and take her coat and handbag.

She always loves when I ask her for my 2-3 times a day paddling that hurts but really helps me be a better Sissy Husband.  She just started using the Bath Brush and it really hurts.  I love that bath Brush over her lap.  She can do it anytime she wants and as hard as she wants!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016

Semen - It Turns Out It's Good For You

Maybe I Should Eat It Daily?

Source >>

The 10 reasons welcoming semen into your body (vaginally or orally) is actually GOOD for you: 1. Semen is a natural anti-depressant: Studies have shown that semen elevates your mood and even reduces suicidal thoughts (YES, really).
2. Semen reduces anxiety: It boasts anti-anxiety hormones like oxytocin, serotonin, and progesterone.
3. It improves the quality of your sleep: Semen contains melatonin, a sleep-inducing agent.
4. Increases energy.
5. It improves cardio health and prevents preeclampsia, which causes dangerously high blood pressure during pregnancy.
6. Semen even improves memory.
7. Improves mental alertness.
8. Semen prevents morning sickness. But only if it is the same semen that caused your pregnancy.
9. Semen slows down the aging process of your skin and muscles: It contains a healthy portion of zinc, which is an antioxidant.
10. Reduces pain.

Impressed? You should be! Nature knows what she is doing! Some of the helpful chemicals in seminal plasma include testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, opiod peptides, oxytocin, serotonin, melatonin, and norepineprine.
Just think, you can get a dose of all that without having to go to the vitamin store!
When I tell women with arousal disorders that they can reap all of the above health benefits, it often enables them to be more receptive to sex.

Suddenly, they're willingness to "swallow" increases if they think it might help them sleep or reduce their pain. Suddenly they can tolerate intercourse if they believe it may help with depression.
Of course, much of the research in this area is preliminary and needs to be replicated. But, I believe more and more empirical research will support these initial findings.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

She Just Left For Work - Cannot Wait For Her To Return

I got a nice paddling just before she left and she stroked me to a full erection then tucked my hard penis in my panties and went to work.

She liked my choice of dress this morning.  I am wearing a Red and Black Lace Bra, Red Lace Panties with Pink and Red Hearts (just like what she is wearing), White Garter Belt and Hose and of course Red Heels. (see below)

I need to stay soft all day now.  Last night she took me from totally erect to completely soft multiple times.  In between I gave her oral and an orgasm.  Then later in bed I tongued her ass.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sissy Housewife Husbands Love When Their Wives Get Home

I love to meet her at the front door dressed pretty. I put it on for her this morning and she helped zip it up for me.  She loves to have me dressed at home every day now.

I shaved completely yesterday in the tub with her help and love the feeling of stockings over smooth legs.

I have my "Sissy" anklet on my left ankle too.

Very soon I will have a locking "Sissy" collar to wear as well.  I am sure she will make me wear it when we go to get my "Sissy" tattoo just above my penis or when she takes me dress, panty and bra shopping.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Black Lingerie - Tan Hose - Black and White Dress - Nice Paddling

I dressed really pretty for my wife this morning and got an extended and very welcome paddling laying on the bed with her ping pong paddle.  I did not complain and actually enjoyed the paddling.

I deserve much more this afternoon.  I was erect inside of her this weekend and accidentally ejaculated without permission.  What was worse is I did not attempt to lift her legs and pull out slowly to lick her clean as I should have done.  I wasted a perfectly good ejaculation and did not eat it. This unauthorized ejaculation deserves the Spencer Paddle and I know it so I asked for it later this afternoon.

This morning I got paddled over my dress and then with my dress lifted and over my panties.  I deserve it bare ass with the Spencer Paddle later this afternoon on the bed.  I will accept the Spencer Paddling and take it without complaining.

I know my wife really enjoys using the Spencer Paddle because she knows it really stings and she knows her Sissy Husband wants it to be delivered hard.

When she is satisfied I have had enough I will get off the bed, pull up my panties, fix my garter belt/hose and dress and then go into the kitchen to cook and serve her dinner.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

I Asked For A Paddling - I Need The Spencer Paddle

Nothing works better than the Spencer Paddle for a punishment.  It works so well to cover both ass cheeks and it really stings.

Question to our readers:  Should we video this punishment?

These are examples of how my punishment is given:

Restrained - I love being helpless and giving her total control.  My ankles are tightly roped together so I can only move my feet in my high heels.  My thighs have a nice quick release strap to keep me from moving and my wrists are cuffed and pulled tight with a rope and pulley so I can be stretched out tight.

Hard - It has to hurt and I know she enjoys making it hurt.  The Spencer Paddle guarantees it will hurt.  It sounds so intimidating whistling through the air when she does it hard and fast. From the first to the last paddle it will hurt like it should.

Constant - I learn obedience and become a better submissive husband with a good ass beating. There is no escaping that paddle when she does it really hard and fast.  Just a constant sting as this Sissy Husband learns to behave and be a good Sissy.  Tied tight and helpless I cannot resist that paddle as it delivers obedience over and over and teaches me to be a good Sissy.

Acceptance - She prefers I must ask nicely for my punishment before I need punishment. Asking for the Spencer Paddle lets me show her I respect her authority and shows her I know I need severe punishment. She will paddle me until she is done and she is satisfied.  If I complain I get it harder and faster until I learn to accept the pain and I stop complaining.  I learn very, very fast to be a good Sissy Husband.  I know the paddling is good for me and makes me a better and much more obedient Sissy Husband.

Gratitude - I will kneel and thank her and please her orally and expect nothing in return. Kneeling is my way of show respect for her authority and I will kneel any time she tell me to and without question. If she offers for me to penetrate her I will and I will not ejaculate without permission for fear of very strict punishment.  I will service her with my hard penis for as long as I can and if given permission to ejaculate will consume all the semen.  If she simply wants oral sex I will lick her to as many orgasms as she wants and not expect anything in return.

Verbal Teasing And Scolding - I know she loves to hear how well she has me trained to respond to her Dominance.  If she asks me if I like the paddle - I say yes Ma'am I love the paddle.  If she asks me if I want the paddle.  I say yes Ma'am please give me the paddle hard and fast.  If she asks me if I want it harder.  I say yes Ma'am please do it harder.  If she asks me if she should stop paddling.  I say no Ma'am, please do not stop paddling.  If she asks me if I will be a good Sissy Husband.  I say Yes Ma'am, I will be a very good Sissy Husband. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

It Has Been Two Weeks - I Finally Got To Ejaculate - Swallowed It All

I was showered, dressed in my lingerie (bra panties, garter belt, lace top stockings and in my high heels.  I put my dress on and my erection was so large it was sticking out of my panties.  My wife told me the rule:  You cum and you eat it.  Needless to say I had a semen breakfast this morning.  Really wish I could swallow it as I sucked myself.  Swallowing it after I ejaculate is not very motivating.  It would be much better to feel it squirt into the back of my throat as I sucked.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Over The Counter - Handcuffed and Knees Restrained

Such a simple way to hold a Sissy Husband in place.

Handcuffs clipped to an eye bolt and a little red luggage strap.  Three clicks and this Sissy Husband is ready for punishment.

Nice cleavage too on my beautiful wifey too!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Afternoon Paddling - Getting More Intense

I fully expect a much more intense paddling this afternoon after a few texts from my wife.

We talked over the weekend and I asked her to be much more assertive and verbally controlling.  I like when she calls me Sissy and tells me to get on my knees and scolds me before and during a paddling.  It excites me when she is assertive and makes me do things she likes and teaches me to behave as she expects.  I really feel like a Sissy when I obey her.

This afternoon should be interesting especially after getting an erection in the middle of the night that was not permitted.  I knew I was not supposed to be erect so I held my legs up for a quick spanking after that erection and I was able to go back to bed soft after she hand spanked me.  She likes when I show her I need punishment.  I did not say a word.  I just held my legs up and she spanked me.

She will most likely want to use my erection later tonight and I need to be sure to be extra hard for her and not ejaculate unless she gives me permission.  I really enjoy fucking her to orgasm and then pulling out hard.  It makes it so much more pleasurable for her too since she knows she can make me erect with just a little stroking and I will be able to service her over and over all night.

She always teases me with a quick stroking and I almost always start to drip precum which I love to lick off her finger or my own.  Precum tastes so much better than semen.  When and if she does let me ejaculate I know I have to tell her so she can get a feeding spoon to immediately make me eat the warm semen.  I only get to ejaculate once a week so this is a special treat for me even if I do not like the taste.

The smile on her face as she puts the spoon in my mouth is priceless.  I have to hold the semen in my mouth until she say "Swallow Sissy".

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Maintence Punishment - It Really Helps

My maintenance paddling schedule is really helping.

I get 30+ seconds hard and fast in the morning over my dress before my wife goes to work.  I can take it nicely and rarely make a sound.

When she gets home she permits me to self paddle hard and fast for 30+ seconds and I really try to do it hard.

Today we are going to switch to an OTK position with dress up and panties down and no time limit.  I expect to get a good ass paddling.

Monday, September 12, 2016

My New Dress And A Friday After Work Paddling

My Friday After Work Paddling

I just love this new dress my wife bought for me.  Thank goodness she was there in the morning to zip it up for me and of course after work to unzip it.  I felt so pretty all day wearing it at work.

I love being a work at home Sissy Husband.  I feel like a Sissy Housewife doing my house work and chores dressed pretty.  I love wearing a dress to work every day!
My wife has the same exact panties.  She has been buying us matching panties now for a while so we can wear the same panties every day.  I just love being her Sissy Housewife Husband.
My ass is starting to get red.  She started with the Ping Pong Paddle and will use the Spencer Paddle next.
The Spencer Paddle really hurts but it makes me feel so good as she paddles me knowing I will hold still and take it like a good Sissy Husband.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Last Night Was Amazing - Naked In The Pool - Multiple Orgasms For Her & None For Me

It was so hot yesterday.  We went into the pool just as it was getting dark naked.  I got between my wife's legs and licked her to orgasm and got a surprise mouthful of her pee when she told me she had to go.

I loved it and wished we had remembered her little GoGirl Pee Funnel so I could have swallowed the entire pee.  The funnel directs her stream right down my throat.  No need to swallow.  She can just pee and fill my belly so I can take her pee to the toilet later.

Later we went inside and watched TV until she told me she wanted to spank me.  I got a nice long hand spanking and dropped to my knees afterwards and licked her to another orgasm.

When I was done she told me she wanted to use the Ping Pong Paddle on my ass so I ran upstairs and got it and laid over her lap for a really long and hard paddling.  I took it quietly and thanked her orally a third time before we decided to go to bed.

Not once did I touch myself or get an erection because she does not permit me to touch myself or get an erection unless given permission.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Penis Chastity - Size Does Matter

I had someone suggest I use Penis Chastity to control my ability to ejaculate.  Great idea if you can get a Penis Chastity to fit.

Flaccid I am 4" and fully erect I am 7". (my wife loves to ride that 7" too)  I can fit into the CB-3000, CURVE and a new Silicon Birdlocked style Chastity but the ring that goes around the ball sack is always too small.

I have a brand new Silicon Birdlocked Pink Chastity for sale as a result of not being able to fit in the chastity.  The CB-3000 and Curve has been sold long ago.

The only Penis Chastity I have found is a very expensive Stainless Steel that uses a large gauge Prince Albert Piercing.

I found this one to be the best since it does not involve any around the balls attachment. It uses the PA to hold it in place.  The video below shows how the wife would install it on her husbands penis.

Here is another good Blog on getting a Male Chastity Piercing.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Weekend Prostate Milking and Accidental Ejaculation

My wife used her Hitachi Wand prostate attachment and got me to drip a lot of precum and semen on a plate.  I really enjoyed dripping onto the plate and even more so licking the plate clean afterwards.  It tasted so good!

I must have been over stimulated because she mounted my stiff penis and rode me for a while to have multiple orgasms.  I was not supposed to have an ejaculation but she was humping me so hard and I was trying to pump in her so she could enjoy a few orgasms.  I must have tried too hard because I sensed my own orgasm and told her to stop but it was too late.

She got off and my erect penis started squirting all over.  It was a ruined orgasm but I did ejaculate without her permission.  Before I knew it she tossed a towel on me to clean it up and I wished she had just grabbed the spoon we have in the bathroom to scoop up my semen to feed me.

Afterwards she was mad because she did not have her multiple orgasms.  We did go out and went shopping and ironically she was very nice to buy me a new dress and two new pairs of matching panties.  I think the saleslady knew my wife was buying me matching panties because she had two sizes.  

I got up this morning and showered and shaved smooth and put on the new panties and white garter belt and stockings and one of her white bras  she gave me with my large breast forms.  Black ankle strap high heels completed my office outfit.

She seemed to really like my new dress and said I was cute and look pretty.  I got my morning paddling and she went to work.

Later I apologized for having an ejaculation and suggested a good strapping after work might make her feel better and would help me learn to behave.  She told me to get the bed ready for a secured strapping which means a very hard and continuous strapping from both sides of the bed as I am stretched tight and securely held down with my ankles and wrists in leather cuffs and my ass fully exposed.  I made sure to put out an extra nylon strap to wrap around my knees and a small ball gag to hold a pair of her soiled panties in my mouth from the hamper.

I will be helpless and expect to get a good welting from her strapping and I deserve it. I hope she scolds me for my messy ejaculation and tells me how I have disobeyed her as she welts my ass.  I always learn to be so much more obedient after a good punishment.

Afterwards I will put on a pretty white apron and cook and serve her dinner.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Maintenance Paddling Every Morning - Working Well

I get a 30 second maintenance paddling every morning before my wife goes to work now and I think it is working well in training me to take a harder paddling.

The endorphin's really to do kick in after the paddling and I am sure if I had a series of 30 second paddlings over an evening I would ultimately be able to take a really hard ass beating with her Spencer Paddle.

I like to hold still and just let her enjoy delivering her paddle to my ass cheeks.  I am going to ask her to increase the paddling to morning and multiple times at night so I can obediently take her Spencer Paddle.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Eating Semen Is Good For A Sissy Husband

Semen is too important to waste.  It is best eaten immediately after ejaculation.  A spoon is the preferable method to collect the semen so as to not waste any sticking to a glass. My wife like to spoon feed me after I have asked permission to ejaculate and have asked permission to eat my semen.  She expects me to hold it in my mouth to savor the taste and really enjoy my warm treat.  When she tells me to swallow will I swallow.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hairless - Feels So Good

No hair from the neck down!  Love it! This Sissy Husband is shaved until springtime.  I love being hairless. It will be so nice to wear a dress, high heels, stockings, garter belt, panties and bra Monday to work.  I need to lay out this afternoon in my bikini too to get some sun and hopefully tan lines.  My wife has me so pussy whipped and Sissy trained.  My daily maintenance paddling starts too.  Just thirty seconds but I know she can deliver at least 80 in 30 seconds.  40 per ass cheek and more than enough to make it last a while.  Tonight I get to wear just my lingerie and new monogrammed apron and heels and a wig to cook and serve dinner to my wife.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why Keep Your Husband Shaved Smooth Neck Down

The best reason is because my Dominant wife told me to keep myself shaved smooth from the neck down.  I have no choice in the matter.  She wants a smooth Sissy Husband so she will have a Smooth Sissy Husband.  I will obey her completely.  And if I ever disobey her I will get a well deserved ass beating.

I will look better in a Dress, Skirt, Capri's, Skinny Jeans or Jeggings or whatever feminine outfit *she* buys for me.  I dress to please her as her Sissy Husband Housewife.  I want to please her and want to be her total Sissy Housewife Husband.  Shaving is my responsibility to prove I will obey and respect her authority and keep myself hair free.

I will get a better tan line being smooth shaved when she takes me to the Nude Beach at Sandy Hook NJ and makes me wear my Bikini Thong Bottom. She could also make me wear my Bikini Top as well because I know I have no choice in the matter.. My wife knows I would love a bikini tan line because bikini tan lines do not wash off and clearly show that I am a Sissy.

I also know a Shaved Sissy Husband does not undress for anyone except their wives unless their wife decides he needs to be exposed to another man or woman for humiliation training.  I should  be exposed as a Sissy because it will help me learn my role as the Sissy Housewife Husband in the marriage.

Perhaps the best reason to shave myself smooth is I learn obedience.  I will do as you instruct and will not object or complain.  The quicker I am hairless the quicker I will become more submissive.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Building A Punishment Kneeler - Need Ideas

My wife and I both want a good punishment kneeler so I can be retrained completely for punishment.

We have been searching the web for ideas and know what we want.  It has to be small and preferably portable in the event we travel.  It would be great if we could make it so that it folds up into a small suitcase for hotel fun.

It has to be able to secure ankles, calves, thighs, waist, forearms, wrists and possibly my neck.  Once secured I want to be completely unable to move or resist punishment of my ass.  Maybe even a option to insert something long and stiff into my mouth too so I get use to having my mouth full and to keep me from verbally complaining.

Something like this but made with wood.

I want her to have complete access to paddle me or strap me as long and as hard as she wants until she is satisfied I have had enough.I love the feeling of being total restrained, totally helpless, knowing I have no control over the punishment I am about to receive.  being gagged so I cannot even verbally complain makes it even better.

When she verbally tells me what I am going to get and then delivers it lets me know how submissive I have become and how obedient she has trained me to be.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Shave Day - When I Get Shaved Smooth

My wife mentioned it would be 50 days until I was shaved smooth and I questioned why so late.  So now the date is 8/28/16 and I will be shaved smooth early so I can learn what its like to be hairless at the end of the summer.

I will be able to wear my thong bikini hairless to get a nice Sissy bikini tan. Maybe a trip to Sandy Hook NJ for some beach tanning in my bikini would be fun and good way to show you how obedient I am.

My wife loves the idea of me having a Sissy bikini tan.  The tan-lines will clearly show I am Sissy and will not go away unless they fade.  And I think some trips to the tanning salon over the winter will make sure that will not happen.

Monday 8/29/16 this Sissy will be dressed for the office properly. New wig, dress, stockings, garter belt, panties, bra and heels and of course full makeup.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Stockings Are A Must For Sissies - Berkshire Lace Top Are My Favorite

I only wear Berkshire Lace Top Stockings.  Berkshire 1361Q to be exact.These stockings are not only perfectly sized for my legs they are very pretty and the lace top is very feminine.

This sissy husband likes to be sexy for his wife and wearing my Berkshire stockings and Rago garter belt pleases her and makes it much easier for my wife if she wants to have access to my ass for punishment.  Nothing says Sissy more than smooth shaved legs and stockings!

I wear a six strap Rago garter belt to hold them up and a thong usually to show off my branded ass and to make sure my ass cheeks are exposed for my daily maintenance paddling before she leaves for work.

I only get 30 seconds with a ping pong paddle but its enough to redden my cheeks and gives me a reminder when I have to sit at my desk to work that I am an obedient and very submissive sissy husband and she is the boss.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A New Wig For Sissy

How many crossdressers can say their wife bought them a new wig?  My wife bought me a really cute wig (not this color rather almost black) and I cannot wait to wear it for her.  She also bought me 2 new dresses and 2 bras and 4 more panties as well.  I am one very lucky very submissive and obedient sissy.  I cannot wait to be shaved completely smooth and dressed pretty for her every day starting in September.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fall Is For Sissies - Time To Shave Smooth

Early September is when my wife decides to transform her hairy husband back into the hairless sissy he will be until Spring.

A few hours in the master bath with a clipper to first buzz off all the hair from his neck down and then a nice bubbly hot bath with a 5 bladed razor and soon I will be totally hairless from the neck down.  This year my arms will be shaved smooth too because almost all my dresses are short sleeved or no sleeves and a hairy arms are not feminine. Smooth shaved sissies that have been branded are also very obedient and loyal to their wives.  I have even suggested a sissy bikini tanline which helps me be extra obedient.

My head is always buzzed really short too so I can wear a wig more comfortably. I only have one curly black hair wig to wear now so we still need to buy one or two more that she likes that I can wear every day.  I should be as much of a sissy as I can be for her and the wig helps complete the transformation. With the addition of nice makeup her Sissy will be ready for date night

She ordered two new dresses for me and two new bras to get my wardrobe updated for being her sissy housewife husband.  We still need to buy a dozen pairs of Berkshire Lace Top Stockings which are my favorite.  The look so pretty  attached to garters and are oh so clearly feminine.  I will need some new garter belts as well since she plans to have me in a dress daily while I am at home and I will need enough lingerie to be dressed all the time.

I would like to start corseting too to help control my figure.  I have a nice red corset that I wear occasionally and it feels so good to be lace in tight making my waist thinner.  Being corseted every day might be an excellent way to train me to be a better Sissy Housewife.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Sissy Husband Obeys His Wife And Gets Punished

I have learned over 34+ years to obey my wife.  I fully expect and want her to punish me.

She first punished me 6 months after we married for cross dressing.  She came home and found me dressed and used my own belt on my ass.

Cross dressing is the norm now at home and she fully expects me to be dressed nice for her. I love to keep myself shaved smooth and wear pretty lingerie and preferably garter belt and lace top stockings under a dress.  I use only feminine deodorant and wear perfume as well.  She keeps my head buzzed short so I can wear a pretty wig as well to help me look more feminine.  She is a good sissy trainer.

Her collection includes several canes, a wooden handled strap, a few crops, a ping pong paddle and her favorite a Spencer Paddle.

She has me trained to accept punishment and expects me to ask to be punished when I have displeased her and I do ask. Punishment helps me learn obedience and lets me show her I trust her. She likes to hear me beg to do it harder. Afterwards she knows I will kneel and thank her.

The cane and strap are used on the bed upstairs while I am tied spread eagle tightly.  She likes to hit hard and leave welts and does not want me pulling away.  I am usually gagged to prevent loud crying.  The cane and strap really hurt but I feel so much better after she does it.

The crops are used during oral sex to help me keep my tongue actively pleasing her to several orgasms.  She will coax me along telling me to lick deeper and harder.  I love when she face sits me and make me tongue her ass.

The ping pong paddle is used for daily maintenance punishment before she goes to work or when she tells me to self paddle.  I am always dressed pretty for her in the morning.  We keep the ping pong paddle by the front door and I automatically raise my dress or skirt and ask for a a good paddling. In 30 seconds she turns my ass bright red and I learn obedience.  I always drop to my knees to thank her.

Her favorite is the Spencer Paddle.  I have to lean over, panties around my knees, holding up my dress so she can blister my ass.  She likes me to take it quietly as she uses that paddle to brightly redden my ass.  I always try to be a good Sissy and just let her beat my ass without making a sound.

And after every punishment she likes me on my knees thanking her and asking for more later.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

 Sunday July10, 2016.

My wife rebranded my ass with 2 intertwined hearts that she branded many years ago. She rebrands it as needed because it fades over time and because she likes to have her husband clearly marked as her property. It hurts but it is well worth the pain and I enjoy the complete submission I offer her as I lean over to expose my ass so she can press a hot heart shaped cookie cutter into my ass. It shows her my complete obedience to her authority and how much I love her. It teaches me who the boss is in our marriage and help me be a better obedient sissy husband. We are going to get the hearts tattooed red, with our first names and our wedding date inside the hearts. It looks great when I have my thong bikini bathing suit on. It's healing nicely and my wife is happy with her handy work and I am a happy sissy.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I got up this morning, showered and dressed pretty for my wife.  Jean Jeggings over fishnet knee highs, black ankle strap wedges, polka dot beige panties and a pretty black bra my wife gave me with my large breast forms plus a sheer black top to show off the bra.  And of course my Sissy Anklet.  Tonight I get to please my wife. She wants to face sit me and I love licking her. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

What a wonderful Sissy husband!! He did just as I asked, he asked me to let him cum and eat his semen. He was allowed to come only after I got to suck on his very hard cock, which I thoroughly enjoyed. He took every bit of his semen off the spoon and held it in his mouth until I told him he could swallow it. As he should do he thanked me for his very special treat. I Love my Sissy Husband. I can't wait for my turn. Maybe later tonight.
My wife texted me from work and told me she wanted to give me blowjob tonight  What she means is she will suck me to orgasm and I will start to ejaculate but I have to hold the base of my cock and not ejaculate into her mouth.  She will use a spoon to catch all my semen.  I have to drop to my knees holding my cock tight at the base until she can get the spoon ready to receive my load. She will catch it all and bring it right to my mouth and wait for me to ask obediently to eat my semen and I always obey her and do as I'm told.  I love to see her standing over me smiling holding the spoon teasing me for being a total Sissy. She is so in control of me and I am her Sissy. It's always a very big load and very thick since she only lets me cum about once a week and she knows I do not like the taste of cum. She will tease me as she sucks me telling me how good my cock tastes and how the cum will taste even better knowing I do not like the taste but I will be eating it all. She expects me to agree with her and tell her how much I love being fed my cum and I always obey her and tell her how much I want to eat my cum.  Once she does feed me I have to not swallow holding the cum in my mouth to really get a good taste. She wants me to enjoy the taste and she wants to see that the cum is in my mouth so I open and show her the cum is still there and I have not swallowed yet.  She always tells me how much she enjoys seeing me with a mouthful of cum that she has had to eat our entire marriage and she reminds me as a Sissy Husband I always have to thank my wife for my semen feeding and special treat.  I always do thank her after she gives me permission to swallow.  I am a very obedient and very lucky Sissy Husband.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

My beautiful wife and I took a nice hot bath last night.  I really enjoy relaxing in the tub with her and helping her shave smooth.  She shaved me smooth as well.  She also treated me to a nice full cup of her pee as well.  I just love to kneel and hold the cup under her as she fills it and then bring it to my lips and drink it down as she watches.  Afterwards I was given a a great face sitting.  My tongue was so happy deep in her ass and pussy.  She really does a good job sitting back and covering my face and grinding her pussy over my nose as I lick her ass and gasp for air.  I was a good sissy last night and only was permitted an erection and no ejaculation.  I loved going to bed with her holding my hard cock!  If I am a good sissy later tonight she promised me an ejaculation and a spoon feeding of my semen.  Eating my semen off a spoon makes sure nothing is wasted and the smile on her face as she feeds me is the best!  I am a very lucky sissy to have such a wonderful wife! She has trained me to be a very obedient house husband!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

We have very simple rules - He Is My Sissy Husband - He Obeys His Dominant Wife - I Am The Boss!

1) I alone am in control of his sexual pleasure. He does not ejaculate without my permission. If  given permission to ejaculate it is his responsibility to eat all of the semen.  Semen is never to be wasted anymore.  The preferred method of semen consumption is from a spoon so nothing is ever wasted and I can feed it to him and enjoy seeing his face as he tastes what I have had to taste for the past 35+ years. He is to give me oral sex when and where I ask and he is to give me multiple orgasms. It is my turn to be sexually satisfied and know he really does will enjoy satisfying me. His favorite way to lick me is with me sitting on his face being queened.

2) We are planning on getting him a Prince Albert Piercing and when healed his penis will be kept locked in a penis chastity like the PA Chastity.  This chastity use the PA Piercing to make sure it cannot be removed however he can still gain an erection but cannot access his penis head. This video will show how the chastity is installed on the penis.

Penis Chastity With Prince Albert Piercing

3) He performs all services Domestic and Sexual that I desire. When he is my Domestic Maid he will be in a Maid Uniform with Apron, Lingerie and Heels.  He has 5 uniforms now with aprons and a special uniform with a very full petticoat for formal Maid Service. He will always wear a garter belt and hose and have his legs and body completely and freshly shaved smooth from September to April. I let him have a break for the summer.  He addresses me as "Ma'am" and when I arrive home from work he is to be at the front door on his knees waiting for me.  When he is not in a proper uniform he will be wearing a dress, skirt and blouse or leggings and a pretty top.  Panties and bra and garter belt and stockings, pantyhose or sheer/patterned knee highs are mandatory.  Heels must be at least 3" with  4" heels preferred for more formal dresses. At home he is my Sissy House Wife.

4) He agrees to be disciplined as I deem necessary and he will accept his punishment without complaint. He will always thank his superior wife for his punishment.  He is also required to ask for punishment when he knows he has displeased me.  Punishment will hurt and will usually be performed with a Spencer Paddle.  His ass will be paddled until red and welted and he will take the paddling without complaint or any verbal outbursts.  The punishment will end when I feel he has had enough a no sooner.

Nicely Reddened Ass After A Paddling

5) He will drink his semen when I tell him to drink it or he will clean it from my vagina.  He must be on his knees to masturbate or be masturbated so as to catch all the semen on the spoon.  Swallowing is only permitted when I give the order to swallow. This will only happen when I decide to allow him an ejaculation which is not very often.

6) If given a verbal command "Feeding Time Sissy" my husband knows to lift his dress or skirt or pull down his leggings, pants, pantyhose and/or panties and kneel and immediate make himself erect and start masturbating until he squirts semen into his hand or a spoon that I carry specially for this purpose.  Then he must eat his semen and thank me for the treat.  I prefer to make him do this when I get home from work and he is fully clothed and dressed pretty for me.

6) He will consume my pee at my request completely and not spill a drop. He will ask for a full glass at least daily.  He will drink the warm urine immediately and thank me for letting him take my pee to the toilet after he has processed it through his body.  After he has swallowed my pee and when he is ready to go to the bathroom he must ask permission to take my pee to the toilet.

7) He will wear a Sissy Anklet at all times.