Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I got up this morning, showered and dressed pretty for my wife.  Jean Jeggings over fishnet knee highs, black ankle strap wedges, polka dot beige panties and a pretty black bra my wife gave me with my large breast forms plus a sheer black top to show off the bra.  And of course my Sissy Anklet.  Tonight I get to please my wife. She wants to face sit me and I love licking her. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

What a wonderful Sissy husband!! He did just as I asked, he asked me to let him cum and eat his semen. He was allowed to come only after I got to suck on his very hard cock, which I thoroughly enjoyed. He took every bit of his semen off the spoon and held it in his mouth until I told him he could swallow it. As he should do he thanked me for his very special treat. I Love my Sissy Husband. I can't wait for my turn. Maybe later tonight.
My wife texted me from work and told me she wanted to give me blowjob tonight  What she means is she will suck me to orgasm and I will start to ejaculate but I have to hold the base of my cock and not ejaculate into her mouth.  She will use a spoon to catch all my semen.  I have to drop to my knees holding my cock tight at the base until she can get the spoon ready to receive my load. She will catch it all and bring it right to my mouth and wait for me to ask obediently to eat my semen and I always obey her and do as I'm told.  I love to see her standing over me smiling holding the spoon teasing me for being a total Sissy. She is so in control of me and I am her Sissy. It's always a very big load and very thick since she only lets me cum about once a week and she knows I do not like the taste of cum. She will tease me as she sucks me telling me how good my cock tastes and how the cum will taste even better knowing I do not like the taste but I will be eating it all. She expects me to agree with her and tell her how much I love being fed my cum and I always obey her and tell her how much I want to eat my cum.  Once she does feed me I have to not swallow holding the cum in my mouth to really get a good taste. She wants me to enjoy the taste and she wants to see that the cum is in my mouth so I open and show her the cum is still there and I have not swallowed yet.  She always tells me how much she enjoys seeing me with a mouthful of cum that she has had to eat our entire marriage and she reminds me as a Sissy Husband I always have to thank my wife for my semen feeding and special treat.  I always do thank her after she gives me permission to swallow.  I am a very obedient and very lucky Sissy Husband.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

My beautiful wife and I took a nice hot bath last night.  I really enjoy relaxing in the tub with her and helping her shave smooth.  She shaved me smooth as well.  She also treated me to a nice full cup of her pee as well.  I just love to kneel and hold the cup under her as she fills it and then bring it to my lips and drink it down as she watches.  Afterwards I was given a a great face sitting.  My tongue was so happy deep in her ass and pussy.  She really does a good job sitting back and covering my face and grinding her pussy over my nose as I lick her ass and gasp for air.  I was a good sissy last night and only was permitted an erection and no ejaculation.  I loved going to bed with her holding my hard cock!  If I am a good sissy later tonight she promised me an ejaculation and a spoon feeding of my semen.  Eating my semen off a spoon makes sure nothing is wasted and the smile on her face as she feeds me is the best!  I am a very lucky sissy to have such a wonderful wife! She has trained me to be a very obedient house husband!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

We have very simple rules - He Is My Sissy Husband - He Obeys His Dominant Wife - I Am The Boss!

1) I alone am in control of his sexual pleasure. He does not ejaculate without my permission. If  given permission to ejaculate it is his responsibility to eat all of the semen.  Semen is never to be wasted anymore.  The preferred method of semen consumption is from a spoon so nothing is ever wasted and I can feed it to him and enjoy seeing his face as he tastes what I have had to taste for the past 35+ years. He is to give me oral sex when and where I ask and he is to give me multiple orgasms. It is my turn to be sexually satisfied and know he really does will enjoy satisfying me. His favorite way to lick me is with me sitting on his face being queened.

2) We are planning on getting him a Prince Albert Piercing and when healed his penis will be kept locked in a penis chastity like the www.rigidchastity.com PA Chastity.  This chastity use the PA Piercing to make sure it cannot be removed however he can still gain an erection but cannot access his penis head. This video will show how the chastity is installed on the penis.

Penis Chastity With Prince Albert Piercing

3) He performs all services Domestic and Sexual that I desire. When he is my Domestic Maid he will be in a Maid Uniform with Apron, Lingerie and Heels.  He has 5 uniforms now with aprons and a special uniform with a very full petticoat for formal Maid Service. He will always wear a garter belt and hose and have his legs and body completely and freshly shaved smooth from September to April. I let him have a break for the summer.  He addresses me as "Ma'am" and when I arrive home from work he is to be at the front door on his knees waiting for me.  When he is not in a proper uniform he will be wearing a dress, skirt and blouse or leggings and a pretty top.  Panties and bra and garter belt and stockings, pantyhose or sheer/patterned knee highs are mandatory.  Heels must be at least 3" with  4" heels preferred for more formal dresses. At home he is my Sissy House Wife.

4) He agrees to be disciplined as I deem necessary and he will accept his punishment without complaint. He will always thank his superior wife for his punishment.  He is also required to ask for punishment when he knows he has displeased me.  Punishment will hurt and will usually be performed with a Spencer Paddle.  His ass will be paddled until red and welted and he will take the paddling without complaint or any verbal outbursts.  The punishment will end when I feel he has had enough a no sooner.

Nicely Reddened Ass After A Paddling

5) He will drink his semen when I tell him to drink it or he will clean it from my vagina.  He must be on his knees to masturbate or be masturbated so as to catch all the semen on the spoon.  Swallowing is only permitted when I give the order to swallow. This will only happen when I decide to allow him an ejaculation which is not very often.

6) If given a verbal command "Feeding Time Sissy" my husband knows to lift his dress or skirt or pull down his leggings, pants, pantyhose and/or panties and kneel and immediate make himself erect and start masturbating until he squirts semen into his hand or a spoon that I carry specially for this purpose.  Then he must eat his semen and thank me for the treat.  I prefer to make him do this when I get home from work and he is fully clothed and dressed pretty for me.

6) He will consume my pee at my request completely and not spill a drop. He will ask for a full glass at least daily.  He will drink the warm urine immediately and thank me for letting him take my pee to the toilet after he has processed it through his body.  After he has swallowed my pee and when he is ready to go to the bathroom he must ask permission to take my pee to the toilet.

7) He will wear a Sissy Anklet at all times.