Thursday, July 28, 2016

A New Wig For Sissy

How many crossdressers can say their wife bought them a new wig?  My wife bought me a really cute wig (not this color rather almost black) and I cannot wait to wear it for her.  She also bought me 2 new dresses and 2 bras and 4 more panties as well.  I am one very lucky very submissive and obedient sissy.  I cannot wait to be shaved completely smooth and dressed pretty for her every day starting in September.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fall Is For Sissies - Time To Shave Smooth

Early September is when my wife decides to transform her hairy husband back into the hairless sissy he will be until Spring.

A few hours in the master bath with a clipper to first buzz off all the hair from his neck down and then a nice bubbly hot bath with a 5 bladed razor and soon I will be totally hairless from the neck down.  This year my arms will be shaved smooth too because almost all my dresses are short sleeved or no sleeves and a hairy arms are not feminine. Smooth shaved sissies that have been branded are also very obedient and loyal to their wives.  I have even suggested a sissy bikini tanline which helps me be extra obedient.

My head is always buzzed really short too so I can wear a wig more comfortably. I only have one curly black hair wig to wear now so we still need to buy one or two more that she likes that I can wear every day.  I should be as much of a sissy as I can be for her and the wig helps complete the transformation. With the addition of nice makeup her Sissy will be ready for date night

She ordered two new dresses for me and two new bras to get my wardrobe updated for being her sissy housewife husband.  We still need to buy a dozen pairs of Berkshire Lace Top Stockings which are my favorite.  The look so pretty  attached to garters and are oh so clearly feminine.  I will need some new garter belts as well since she plans to have me in a dress daily while I am at home and I will need enough lingerie to be dressed all the time.

I would like to start corseting too to help control my figure.  I have a nice red corset that I wear occasionally and it feels so good to be lace in tight making my waist thinner.  Being corseted every day might be an excellent way to train me to be a better Sissy Housewife.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Sissy Husband Obeys His Wife And Gets Punished

I have learned over 34+ years to obey my wife.  I fully expect and want her to punish me.

She first punished me 6 months after we married for cross dressing.  She came home and found me dressed and used my own belt on my ass.

Cross dressing is the norm now at home and she fully expects me to be dressed nice for her. I love to keep myself shaved smooth and wear pretty lingerie and preferably garter belt and lace top stockings under a dress.  I use only feminine deodorant and wear perfume as well.  She keeps my head buzzed short so I can wear a pretty wig as well to help me look more feminine.  She is a good sissy trainer.

Her collection includes several canes, a wooden handled strap, a few crops, a ping pong paddle and her favorite a Spencer Paddle.

She has me trained to accept punishment and expects me to ask to be punished when I have displeased her and I do ask. Punishment helps me learn obedience and lets me show her I trust her. She likes to hear me beg to do it harder. Afterwards she knows I will kneel and thank her.

The cane and strap are used on the bed upstairs while I am tied spread eagle tightly.  She likes to hit hard and leave welts and does not want me pulling away.  I am usually gagged to prevent loud crying.  The cane and strap really hurt but I feel so much better after she does it.

The crops are used during oral sex to help me keep my tongue actively pleasing her to several orgasms.  She will coax me along telling me to lick deeper and harder.  I love when she face sits me and make me tongue her ass.

The ping pong paddle is used for daily maintenance punishment before she goes to work or when she tells me to self paddle.  I am always dressed pretty for her in the morning.  We keep the ping pong paddle by the front door and I automatically raise my dress or skirt and ask for a a good paddling. In 30 seconds she turns my ass bright red and I learn obedience.  I always drop to my knees to thank her.

Her favorite is the Spencer Paddle.  I have to lean over, panties around my knees, holding up my dress so she can blister my ass.  She likes me to take it quietly as she uses that paddle to brightly redden my ass.  I always try to be a good Sissy and just let her beat my ass without making a sound.

And after every punishment she likes me on my knees thanking her and asking for more later.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

 Sunday July10, 2016.

My wife rebranded my ass with 2 intertwined hearts that she branded many years ago. She rebrands it as needed because it fades over time and because she likes to have her husband clearly marked as her property. It hurts but it is well worth the pain and I enjoy the complete submission I offer her as I lean over to expose my ass so she can press a hot heart shaped cookie cutter into my ass. It shows her my complete obedience to her authority and how much I love her. It teaches me who the boss is in our marriage and help me be a better obedient sissy husband. We are going to get the hearts tattooed red, with our first names and our wedding date inside the hearts. It looks great when I have my thong bikini bathing suit on. It's healing nicely and my wife is happy with her handy work and I am a happy sissy.