Monday, August 29, 2016

Eating Semen Is Good For A Sissy Husband

Semen is too important to waste.  It is best eaten immediately after ejaculation.  A spoon is the preferable method to collect the semen so as to not waste any sticking to a glass. My wife like to spoon feed me after I have asked permission to ejaculate and have asked permission to eat my semen.  She expects me to hold it in my mouth to savor the taste and really enjoy my warm treat.  When she tells me to swallow will I swallow.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hairless - Feels So Good

No hair from the neck down!  Love it! This Sissy Husband is shaved until springtime.  I love being hairless. It will be so nice to wear a dress, high heels, stockings, garter belt, panties and bra Monday to work.  I need to lay out this afternoon in my bikini too to get some sun and hopefully tan lines.  My wife has me so pussy whipped and Sissy trained.  My daily maintenance paddling starts too.  Just thirty seconds but I know she can deliver at least 80 in 30 seconds.  40 per ass cheek and more than enough to make it last a while.  Tonight I get to wear just my lingerie and new monogrammed apron and heels and a wig to cook and serve dinner to my wife.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why Keep Your Husband Shaved Smooth Neck Down

The best reason is because my Dominant wife told me to keep myself shaved smooth from the neck down.  I have no choice in the matter.  She wants a smooth Sissy Husband so she will have a Smooth Sissy Husband.  I will obey her completely.  And if I ever disobey her I will get a well deserved ass beating.

I will look better in a Dress, Skirt, Capri's, Skinny Jeans or Jeggings or whatever feminine outfit *she* buys for me.  I dress to please her as her Sissy Husband Housewife.  I want to please her and want to be her total Sissy Housewife Husband.  Shaving is my responsibility to prove I will obey and respect her authority and keep myself hair free.

I will get a better tan line being smooth shaved when she takes me to the Nude Beach at Sandy Hook NJ and makes me wear my Bikini Thong Bottom. She could also make me wear my Bikini Top as well because I know I have no choice in the matter.. My wife knows I would love a bikini tan line because bikini tan lines do not wash off and clearly show that I am a Sissy.

I also know a Shaved Sissy Husband does not undress for anyone except their wives unless their wife decides he needs to be exposed to another man or woman for humiliation training.  I should  be exposed as a Sissy because it will help me learn my role as the Sissy Housewife Husband in the marriage.

Perhaps the best reason to shave myself smooth is I learn obedience.  I will do as you instruct and will not object or complain.  The quicker I am hairless the quicker I will become more submissive.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Building A Punishment Kneeler - Need Ideas

My wife and I both want a good punishment kneeler so I can be retrained completely for punishment.

We have been searching the web for ideas and know what we want.  It has to be small and preferably portable in the event we travel.  It would be great if we could make it so that it folds up into a small suitcase for hotel fun.

It has to be able to secure ankles, calves, thighs, waist, forearms, wrists and possibly my neck.  Once secured I want to be completely unable to move or resist punishment of my ass.  Maybe even a option to insert something long and stiff into my mouth too so I get use to having my mouth full and to keep me from verbally complaining.

Something like this but made with wood.

I want her to have complete access to paddle me or strap me as long and as hard as she wants until she is satisfied I have had enough.I love the feeling of being total restrained, totally helpless, knowing I have no control over the punishment I am about to receive.  being gagged so I cannot even verbally complain makes it even better.

When she verbally tells me what I am going to get and then delivers it lets me know how submissive I have become and how obedient she has trained me to be.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Shave Day - When I Get Shaved Smooth

My wife mentioned it would be 50 days until I was shaved smooth and I questioned why so late.  So now the date is 8/28/16 and I will be shaved smooth early so I can learn what its like to be hairless at the end of the summer.

I will be able to wear my thong bikini hairless to get a nice Sissy bikini tan. Maybe a trip to Sandy Hook NJ for some beach tanning in my bikini would be fun and good way to show you how obedient I am.

My wife loves the idea of me having a Sissy bikini tan.  The tan-lines will clearly show I am Sissy and will not go away unless they fade.  And I think some trips to the tanning salon over the winter will make sure that will not happen.

Monday 8/29/16 this Sissy will be dressed for the office properly. New wig, dress, stockings, garter belt, panties, bra and heels and of course full makeup.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Stockings Are A Must For Sissies - Berkshire Lace Top Are My Favorite

I only wear Berkshire Lace Top Stockings.  Berkshire 1361Q to be exact.These stockings are not only perfectly sized for my legs they are very pretty and the lace top is very feminine.

This sissy husband likes to be sexy for his wife and wearing my Berkshire stockings and Rago garter belt pleases her and makes it much easier for my wife if she wants to have access to my ass for punishment.  Nothing says Sissy more than smooth shaved legs and stockings!

I wear a six strap Rago garter belt to hold them up and a thong usually to show off my branded ass and to make sure my ass cheeks are exposed for my daily maintenance paddling before she leaves for work.

I only get 30 seconds with a ping pong paddle but its enough to redden my cheeks and gives me a reminder when I have to sit at my desk to work that I am an obedient and very submissive sissy husband and she is the boss.