Monday, September 26, 2016

It Has Been Two Weeks - I Finally Got To Ejaculate - Swallowed It All

I was showered, dressed in my lingerie (bra panties, garter belt, lace top stockings and in my high heels.  I put my dress on and my erection was so large it was sticking out of my panties.  My wife told me the rule:  You cum and you eat it.  Needless to say I had a semen breakfast this morning.  Really wish I could swallow it as I sucked myself.  Swallowing it after I ejaculate is not very motivating.  It would be much better to feel it squirt into the back of my throat as I sucked.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Over The Counter - Handcuffed and Knees Restrained

Such a simple way to hold a Sissy Husband in place.

Handcuffs clipped to an eye bolt and a little red luggage strap.  Three clicks and this Sissy Husband is ready for punishment.

Nice cleavage too on my beautiful wifey too!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Afternoon Paddling - Getting More Intense

I fully expect a much more intense paddling this afternoon after a few texts from my wife.

We talked over the weekend and I asked her to be much more assertive and verbally controlling.  I like when she calls me Sissy and tells me to get on my knees and scolds me before and during a paddling.  It excites me when she is assertive and makes me do things she likes and teaches me to behave as she expects.  I really feel like a Sissy when I obey her.

This afternoon should be interesting especially after getting an erection in the middle of the night that was not permitted.  I knew I was not supposed to be erect so I held my legs up for a quick spanking after that erection and I was able to go back to bed soft after she hand spanked me.  She likes when I show her I need punishment.  I did not say a word.  I just held my legs up and she spanked me.

She will most likely want to use my erection later tonight and I need to be sure to be extra hard for her and not ejaculate unless she gives me permission.  I really enjoy fucking her to orgasm and then pulling out hard.  It makes it so much more pleasurable for her too since she knows she can make me erect with just a little stroking and I will be able to service her over and over all night.

She always teases me with a quick stroking and I almost always start to drip precum which I love to lick off her finger or my own.  Precum tastes so much better than semen.  When and if she does let me ejaculate I know I have to tell her so she can get a feeding spoon to immediately make me eat the warm semen.  I only get to ejaculate once a week so this is a special treat for me even if I do not like the taste.

The smile on her face as she puts the spoon in my mouth is priceless.  I have to hold the semen in my mouth until she say "Swallow Sissy".

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Maintence Punishment - It Really Helps

My maintenance paddling schedule is really helping.

I get 30+ seconds hard and fast in the morning over my dress before my wife goes to work.  I can take it nicely and rarely make a sound.

When she gets home she permits me to self paddle hard and fast for 30+ seconds and I really try to do it hard.

Today we are going to switch to an OTK position with dress up and panties down and no time limit.  I expect to get a good ass paddling.

Monday, September 12, 2016

My New Dress And A Friday After Work Paddling

My Friday After Work Paddling

I just love this new dress my wife bought for me.  Thank goodness she was there in the morning to zip it up for me and of course after work to unzip it.  I felt so pretty all day wearing it at work.

I love being a work at home Sissy Husband.  I feel like a Sissy Housewife doing my house work and chores dressed pretty.  I love wearing a dress to work every day!
My wife has the same exact panties.  She has been buying us matching panties now for a while so we can wear the same panties every day.  I just love being her Sissy Housewife Husband.
My ass is starting to get red.  She started with the Ping Pong Paddle and will use the Spencer Paddle next.
The Spencer Paddle really hurts but it makes me feel so good as she paddles me knowing I will hold still and take it like a good Sissy Husband.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Last Night Was Amazing - Naked In The Pool - Multiple Orgasms For Her & None For Me

It was so hot yesterday.  We went into the pool just as it was getting dark naked.  I got between my wife's legs and licked her to orgasm and got a surprise mouthful of her pee when she told me she had to go.

I loved it and wished we had remembered her little GoGirl Pee Funnel so I could have swallowed the entire pee.  The funnel directs her stream right down my throat.  No need to swallow.  She can just pee and fill my belly so I can take her pee to the toilet later.

Later we went inside and watched TV until she told me she wanted to spank me.  I got a nice long hand spanking and dropped to my knees afterwards and licked her to another orgasm.

When I was done she told me she wanted to use the Ping Pong Paddle on my ass so I ran upstairs and got it and laid over her lap for a really long and hard paddling.  I took it quietly and thanked her orally a third time before we decided to go to bed.

Not once did I touch myself or get an erection because she does not permit me to touch myself or get an erection unless given permission.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Penis Chastity - Size Does Matter

I had someone suggest I use Penis Chastity to control my ability to ejaculate.  Great idea if you can get a Penis Chastity to fit.

Flaccid I am 4" and fully erect I am 7". (my wife loves to ride that 7" too)  I can fit into the CB-3000, CURVE and a new Silicon Birdlocked style Chastity but the ring that goes around the ball sack is always too small.

I have a brand new Silicon Birdlocked Pink Chastity for sale as a result of not being able to fit in the chastity.  The CB-3000 and Curve has been sold long ago.

The only Penis Chastity I have found is a very expensive Stainless Steel that uses a large gauge Prince Albert Piercing.

I found this one to be the best since it does not involve any around the balls attachment. It uses the PA to hold it in place.  The video below shows how the wife would install it on her husbands penis.

Here is another good Blog on getting a Male Chastity Piercing.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Weekend Prostate Milking and Accidental Ejaculation

My wife used her Hitachi Wand prostate attachment and got me to drip a lot of precum and semen on a plate.  I really enjoyed dripping onto the plate and even more so licking the plate clean afterwards.  It tasted so good!

I must have been over stimulated because she mounted my stiff penis and rode me for a while to have multiple orgasms.  I was not supposed to have an ejaculation but she was humping me so hard and I was trying to pump in her so she could enjoy a few orgasms.  I must have tried too hard because I sensed my own orgasm and told her to stop but it was too late.

She got off and my erect penis started squirting all over.  It was a ruined orgasm but I did ejaculate without her permission.  Before I knew it she tossed a towel on me to clean it up and I wished she had just grabbed the spoon we have in the bathroom to scoop up my semen to feed me.

Afterwards she was mad because she did not have her multiple orgasms.  We did go out and went shopping and ironically she was very nice to buy me a new dress and two new pairs of matching panties.  I think the saleslady knew my wife was buying me matching panties because she had two sizes.  

I got up this morning and showered and shaved smooth and put on the new panties and white garter belt and stockings and one of her white bras  she gave me with my large breast forms.  Black ankle strap high heels completed my office outfit.

She seemed to really like my new dress and said I was cute and look pretty.  I got my morning paddling and she went to work.

Later I apologized for having an ejaculation and suggested a good strapping after work might make her feel better and would help me learn to behave.  She told me to get the bed ready for a secured strapping which means a very hard and continuous strapping from both sides of the bed as I am stretched tight and securely held down with my ankles and wrists in leather cuffs and my ass fully exposed.  I made sure to put out an extra nylon strap to wrap around my knees and a small ball gag to hold a pair of her soiled panties in my mouth from the hamper.

I will be helpless and expect to get a good welting from her strapping and I deserve it. I hope she scolds me for my messy ejaculation and tells me how I have disobeyed her as she welts my ass.  I always learn to be so much more obedient after a good punishment.

Afterwards I will put on a pretty white apron and cook and serve her dinner.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Maintenance Paddling Every Morning - Working Well

I get a 30 second maintenance paddling every morning before my wife goes to work now and I think it is working well in training me to take a harder paddling.

The endorphin's really to do kick in after the paddling and I am sure if I had a series of 30 second paddlings over an evening I would ultimately be able to take a really hard ass beating with her Spencer Paddle.

I like to hold still and just let her enjoy delivering her paddle to my ass cheeks.  I am going to ask her to increase the paddling to morning and multiple times at night so I can obediently take her Spencer Paddle.