Saturday, November 19, 2016

Yes She Does!

I am learning to eat it anytime I ejaculate.  I really do not like the taste but I eat it because my wife tells me to eat it.  It pleases her to see me swallow my semen.  I want to please her so I want to eat my semen.  She like to use the Hitachi Wand on me as I kneel on the coffee table.  She holds my erection with one hand and the Hitachi Wand with the other hand over a small glass with water or some wine, beer or vodka.  The Hitachi Wand guarantees and nice thick load especially since she only lets me ejaculate every week or two.  As soon as I am done squirting I kneel and she either pours it into my mouth or hands me the glass and tells me "Drink It Sissy".  I do as she asks and swallow my fresh semen.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

We Will Visit My Divorced Friend And He Will Be Wearing A Bra Panties Garter Belt and Lace Top Stockings

My husband and I talked about exposing him slowly to my friend Ann. She has been divorced for many years and always asks how we make our marriage work. Little does she know that because my husband is submissive to me and now very much my Sissy Housewife Husband he has become a perfect Obedient Sissy Housewife Husband.

If she only knew he's shaved smooth and gets up every morning and put on panties (matching panties as mine), bra, garter belt, hose, heels and a dress, skirt and blouse or Leggings and pretty top to please me. He asks for a morning spanking before I leave for work. He does not ejaculate without my permission and if he does he eats it. I would love to make him kneel before us to show her how he will eat his semen after masturbation.

When necessary he freely submits to a severe paddling , strapping or canings.  She would be amazed that I can punish him completely restrained and helpless until he stops complaining and just takes the beating.  I would love to show her how well he takes his punishment and and how docile and submissive he is afterwards kneeling before me thanking me for his freshly beaten ass.

I have been hinting to her when we talk on the phone. I tell her he is cooking me a nice dinner and has the table set and he insists on serving me. She laughs and I will say he will be doing the dishes after dinner too wearing his apron. He has his own monogrammed apron.

I let her know he does all the laundry and is so meticulous when he folds our panties (oops did I say our panties to her). I even told her he hangs all our bras (oops our bras for me on hangers. I let her know I give him a chores list on Friday and tell him he has to get his housework done every Saturday morning.

While talking to my friend on the phone Sissy was doing the ironing while dressed in pretty lingerie. She invited us to her house for the weekend, I told her we would love to come visit but my hubby needs to get his chores done first. I told her we would love to come over for dinner.And I told her we can make my hubby clean up after dinner and serve us wine.

What I did not tell her is he would be wearing his black bra panties garter belt and lace top stockings. And I will make sure I have his apron in my pocketbook just to show her he does obey when I tell him to clean up the dishes.

My New Collar

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

After Dinner - Desert - Vodka Cum Shooter

Dressed in my matching nightgown, black bra, panties, garter belt lace top stockings and high heels my wife asked me to get on the coffee table so she could milk me.

She has a vodka shot underneath me and held my penis directly over the glass and used the Hitachi Wand to coax a nice large ejaculation into the glass.

That Hitachi Wand makes it so easy to ejaculate.  She does not lose a drop of semen.  It all goes into the glass so I can then I kneel and drank it down.  My sperm belongs in my belly.

And the smile on her face when I swallow is priceless.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

My Sissy Housemaid Husband Doing *HIS* Housework

He so cute.  He is shaved smooth and locked into his maids uniform and has a new petticoat on underneath.  If he's a good Sissy he will be given permission to kneel and masturbate and drink his semen.  His penis is so hard right now and he has no panties on.  He is a very obedient Sissy Housewife Husband.