Monday, December 12, 2016

Hairless - From The Neck Down - Shaved Smooth

Took a nice tub bath yesterday and smooth shaved everything from the neck down.  Even my arms are shaved. My wife helped me with my back and legs and made sure I was clean shaved.  She likes me smooth shaved.

This morning she had my jeans skirt and a new turtle neck sweater laid our and a black bra and panties.  I picked out a black garter belt and tan stocking and my strappy 4" wedges.  The stockings look so good with freshly shaved legs.

When I got dressed I felt so perfectly Sissy!  My panties and perfume matched my wife as well.  She texted me when she got to work and told me how pretty I was this morning and my panties immediately got wet.  The tip of my penis was dripping precum just from her text.

Tonight she promised to help me with my nails and makeup and wig and shoot a nice photo of me by the Christmas tree.

And she promised me a mouthful of fresh semen after I ask permission to masturbate.  She told me tonight I would be fed my ejaculate and I was to hold it in my mouth to really enjoy the taste.  I have not ejaculated for at least 10 days so it will be very thick.  I promised to obey her to learn to like the taste.

I hope I fill the spoon so she can feed me a really nice load of semen.  She loves to see me eat my semen now.