Monday, January 16, 2017

Spencer Paddle Really Hurts - That's Why It's My Favorite!

We took a  nice hot tub bath, I shaved sissy smooth. Enjoyed a nice glass of wine. After our bath I gave sissy a very hard paddling, 13 to be exact using my favorite Spencer paddle. Watch him enjoy my Spencer Paddle.

We booked our 35th wedding anniversary trip to Florida. Our anniversary is in May but we  have to wait till August since I work in the school and have to work part of the summer. We will be staying in Key West and Deerfield Beach. So excited.

It is nice to be off today. Just did Sissy Leighanne's toenails and they look so pretty with a French Manicure. Sissy got dressed this morning in a pretty dress with stockings, thong, garter belt and high heels.

I think a good OTK spanking is in store later today.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Sissy Asks For And Gets A Hand Spanking

My husband was not feeling good yesterday and stayed in his PJ's when I went to work.  But later in the day he texted me and told me was going to shower and get dressed at lunch time.

I thought nothing of it until I got home and the cutest Sissy Husband in a very short Black Flower Print White Dress, Tan Lace Top Stockings and Beige Heels met me at the front door. He was perfumed nicely too.  He had shaved smooth in the shower so his legs and arms were perfectly hairless.  The dress was tight and he had his smallest breast forms in his pink bra that matched the pink panties I had left for him that matches the panties I had on.  And he even had his special Sissy Anklet on for me.

I have to say my insistence and training to make him and keep him feminized at home is working. He really tries his hardest to keep himself smooth shaved and in proper lingerie and usually a dress  and always high heels.  I love to hear him clicking across the floor as he walks in his heels and he tells me he keeps them on all day while he works.  Good Sissy!

We have just started on makeup and nails but I will expect him to start doing his own makeup every morning so he looks pretty for me before I leave for work.  He does travel so the nails are a bit more difficult but when he knows he does not have to travel we will apply nice long fake nails so he can keep them polished for me.

He cooked and served dinner and after dinner was sitting on the couch and commented he wanted a spanking. I have him trained to ask and he knows I love when he asks for punishment. How could I resist this well trained Sissy Husband? He was smart enough to ask so I obliged him with a OTK spanking and had him video it for me.

He was so cute in his pink panties and garter belt.  I just had to spank his Sissy Ass. He is such a completely trained Sissy Husband.  Maybe next time we will use the paddle after my hand to really redden his ass.  I really love to hear him whimper when it really starts to hurt.  That's when I like to scold him to be silent and take his punishment.  And I know when he takes it quiet I have his will broken and I can hit him even harder and tell him exactly how I want him to obey me.

Later in bed he gave me oral and I permitted him an erection but no ejaculation.  I like to take him to the edge with a very hard erection and stop and then go to bed.  He sometimes drips precum but that is quickly wiped off and brought to his lips to taste. Sissy knows he is not allowed to ejaculate until given permission.  He needs to wait a few weeks between ejaculations until he has earned a treat he will gladly swallow.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Christmas Sissy

Happiness is giving my wife a good fucking with a really hard cock and then pulling out before I will ejaculate to let it go soft and maybe drip a little precum onto her pussy to lick off.  My wife has such good control over when and where I ejaculate and I love it!  When she is ready to see me squirt my semen I am ready to eat it.  She has taught me my semen will go only into my mouth and belly from now on and I like that.