Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It Has Been Just Over 2 Weeks Since His Last Ejaculation

This nice hard penis was drained of a very nice ejaculation yesterday morning.
And my Sissy Husband drank it all like a good Sissy.
Now my Cum Eating Husband can wait 3 weeks for his next ejaculation treat.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Superbowl Excited Sissy - Wearing Red For Atlanta

Look at how pretty my Sissy Husband got dressed just to watch the Superbowl.  His team lost but I think he won the best dressed prize!  Such nice smooth shaved legs and long red nails.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday And The Submissive Sissy Husband

On Super Bowl Sunday my Sissy Husband is going to wake early and put on his Locking Maid Uniform and his Locking Sissy Collar including his Petticoat and do *HIS* housework that I have assigned to him on the Chores List I will write up for him.

He will be totally dressed for me including Panties, Bra (with his largest breast forms), Garter Belt,  Lace Top Stockings and High Heels.  And he will be perfumed with Burberry Brit Perfume so he smells good.

He will also be wearing his Wig and I will do his Full Makeup so he looks nice.  The night before he will have had his body completely denuded of all hair and he will have nice long fake nails glued on and painted Bright Red which will match his Bright Red Lipstick.

Once he is done he will make coffee and breakfast for me and serve me then commence to do his housework.

I will be going out to run errands and will return to inspect his chores.  If anything is unacceptable he will be punished immediately with my Spencer Paddle.  He hates that Paddle because it really hurts however I Love that Paddle for the same reason and because it does such a good job instilling obedience in my Sissy Housewife Husband. All he needs is 10 with that paddle and gets so obedient.

When his chores are done he will be permitted to take a shower and get dressed to go shopping.   He is going to get a pretty new dress to wear for the Super Bowl.  I want my Sissy Housewife to look very feminine and pretty as she cooks me dinner and serves me while I watch the game.  I will be wearing nice comfortable jeans and a top but my Sissy will be totally dressed for me as my Sissy Wife.  He has become such a good Sissy and never complains anymore about cross dressing for me.
So while the rest of the neighborhood is having a Superbowl Party I will have my own entertainment from my Pretty Sissy Husband looking and smelling nice as she waits on me like a Good Sissy Wife.  Halftime she will be servicing me orally on her knees just like she has been trained and I will try to make sure he gets as many erections and orgasm denials as I can Sunday.  I love seeing a hard penis go soft.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Love Orgasm Denial!

This is the third time in less than 30 minutes this morning.  
He is going to get hard many more times today!  
I just love orgasm denial!