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I Accept Punishment - It Makes Me A Better Sissy Husband

She expects me to dress pretty for her.  She expects me to cook and serve her.  She expects me to clean and do chores for her.  But perhaps what she expects the most is for me to willingly and obediently accept and expect punishment from her.

I love being hand spanked and over her lap.  She really seems to enjoy spanking me and she can easily see how red my ass will get after a good long hand spanking.

Last night as I was cooking I went over to her on the couch and lifted my skirt (not this photo) and laid across her lap.  No words or comments.  She knew I needed and wanted a spanking and she gave it to me.  After a while I got up and checked on dinner.  Then I went back to her and lifted my skirt and laid across her lap for more.  She was happy to oblige.

After dinner sitting on the couch in our matching nightgowns she was holding my penis and made me get very erect.  A little hand cream and stroking and I was very hard.  I asked her to lay back on the couch and I entered her and stroked my penis in and out of her nice and deep.  She had a nice orgasm and I had to stop before I orgasmed.  I pulled out and thanked her for the erection and let myself go soft.

I have been taught to not orgasm unless she gives me permission.  And permission is not for well over two weeks from now.  I am up to three weeks between ejaculations and I asked for her to make it four weeks this time.

I prefer to please her.  I do not deserve an ejaculation more than once a month.  After a month and twice a day spankings and paddlings and being pegged as much as she wants the monthly orgasm is so much more enjoyable and delicious.

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An Excellent Posting On Spouse Punishment - Good Read

Better Spouses | Punishment

January 1, 2013
TOWARD A FANTASTIC MARRIAGE: How and why Domestic Discipline works.
An essay by Vivian (part 3).
Though this component of your new relationship with your husband may be more difficult to embrace than the first, don’t tune out yet. Punishment is essential to projecting power and you’ll be amazed at the effect it has on your marriage.
As stated earlier, a wife must strictly forbid her husband to masturbate. That prohibition must be enforced in order to be effective. Your husband must know that if he does masturbate he will be in trouble with you. That trouble will include by its very nature a certain measure of shame and embarrassment, but it must also be tangible.
Some of you may be thinking I shouldn’t have to punish my husband as if he were a child. He’s a grown adult for God’s sake. Others who know better may be thinking, I have no problem with the idea of punishing my husband, but he is bigger and stronger than me and I don’t think he would simply agree to accept punishment from me. The answer to those thoughts are “Yes, you do” and “Yes he will.”
I understand those of you who think it shouldn’t be necessary to punish your husband. It might be better (though less fun) if husbands didn’t need to be punished or threatened with punishment to behave wonderfully. That might be nice, but it won’t happen. Men don’t truly understand a thing until they have felt it.
The thing to remember is that most wives attempt to punish their husbands somewhat regularly but in less effective, indirect and passive/aggressive ways. Those ways do not usually work well because the husband usually doesn’t understand what is happening and if he does, he resents being manipulated in such weak and cowardly ways. Men respect strength. The woman who punishes her husband in a forthright manner wins his respect and adoration. A woman who attempts to punish her husband in weak and indirect ways earns his disregard and even contempt.
As for your concern that your husband will not accept punishment from you, I can assure you that most men will actually welcome the idea. This is discussed further in the section Why This Works. For now, the thing to know is that men are chock full of sexual fantasies that they rarely act out or tell anyone, especially their wives, about. Among those fantasies is a fascination with the idea of being dominated by a powerful woman. When you discipline your husband you tap into that fantasy in order to benefit yourself, your husband, your marriage and your family. Another reason he will acquiesce to your discipline is the control you have taken over his ejaculation. When he has become accustomed to awaiting your permission to ejaculate, he will obey you without rebellion.
You may wonder, if he secretly wants to be punished doesn’t the punishment become a reward and accomplish the opposite of its intent? The short answer is no. For most men it is not the punishment, but the power of the woman doing the punishing, that arouses. A good, hard spanking hurts and is humiliating while it is happening. The notion that you have or may at any time cause him those feelings makes you excruciatingly desirable to him. There are two components to a Domestic Discipline agreement.. There is a game-type aspect and a serious aspect to it. The game aspect wins his cooperation. The serious aspect makes it an effective behavioral modifier. This question is explained further in the FAQs section.
Punishment can take many forms: a simple scolding, a time-out in the corner, a mouth washing, a humiliating demand, a spanking, a chastity device. The foundation for them all is the spanking. The experience of being spanked hard by you makes him more cooperative with the less physical punishments. By this I do not mean a simple slap on the buttocks. That can be used, if you like as playful foreplay. What I mean is a serious, over-the-knee, bare-bottomed, hard spanking with something other than your hand. You may begin with your hand if your like, but in order for it to be truly disciplinary you must use something such as a paddle, the backside of a hairbrush or a belt. A rich description of implements and techniques can be found through sites as The Disciplinary Wives Club. This site is a must for any wife who is really serious about introducing discipline into her relationship.
This kind of direct punishment is much more likely to affect the kinds of changes you want to see in your husband and is much more compassionate than the usual repertoire used by most wives. In most marriages a wife feels despair over certain of her husband habits or behaviors because she feels those behaviors have more power over her than she has over her husband. This despair leads her to “punish” her husband in indirect ways as I have mentioned. She pouts, she tries to ignore him, she rolls her eyes when he speaks, she gives him the silent treatment, she withholds her affection, she tells him he is not as good a husband as other men she knows, she may even threaten to leave him. The underlying dynamic here is that the only power the wife feels she has is the power to reject her husband. The ultimate weapon, then, is divorce.
Before you dismiss the idea of corporal punishment of you husband as weird or cruel or immoral, think seriously about this “normal” form of spousal control and think seriously about its effects. For most men the state of marriage (particularly monogamy) goes against the grain once they have passed the honeymoon phase. When they remain married they do so, they feel, out of a sense of obligation to their wife or children if there are any. That is a good thing but it means he feels he is doing you a favor by staying in the marriage and carrying out the duties of a husband and father. The threat of rejection hurts a lot more than the hardest of spankings and humiliates a lot more than the most embarrassing punishment. After a good, hard spanking, on the other hand, a husband feels both regret for the action that brought about the punishment and appreciation for the wife who has taken her time to give him the gift of correction.
When the husband feels the bottom line is rejection or its threat he resents his wife because, as I’ve said, he feels he is the one doing the favor by staying in the relationship. He will think to himself, If she thinks she can do so much better without me, let her try. He may even say this at times. And where do you go from there? Most women in a marriage, especially if there are children, feel even more trapped than their husbands. Because a mother’s commitment to her children is stronger than even the best of fathers and because she knows it is best for the children that the marriage stay together, most wives do not want to make good on their threat of rejection. This increases her despair and makes her feel even more powerless to affect her husband’s behavior.
A good, sound spanking, on the other hand, releases built up tensions and frustrations in a marriage and can actually be enjoyable for the wife. So, instead of feeling helpless and despairing, a wife can threaten a punishment she is more than willing to carry out and feel power and hope for her marriage instead. Additionally, her punishment of him will be loving as well as disciplinary.
As for the husband who has been spanked or threatened with spanking, he does not have the resentment he feels when the ultimate weapon is rejection. Instead, he feels truly sorry for whatever behavior brought on the punishment and truly appreciative of the wife who cares enough to discipline him. In fact, most wives I’ve talked with who engage in Domestic Discipine, including myself, require that the husbands thank them when a disciplinary measure has been completed.
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