Monday, April 10, 2017

His Asshole Got A Good Reaming This Weekend

He really seemed to enjoy it too.  I pegged him good with my strap on.  We are going to start training him to take my larger dildos.  I have a nice sized hard silicon dildo he is going to have inserted for a few hours a day to stretch his asshole and let it open up.  Once we get it to relax we have a very nice glass dildo plug with a fat head that I am going to have him wear all day.  I love the way he drips so much precum when his ass is filled.


  1. Mmm, lucky sissy, but I do hope you enjoyed it as well.

  2. Sally - I love being fucked by my wife especially on my back so she can see how much I enjoy it. I hold my legs back and let her hump me as long as she wants. It makes me feel so completely submissive getting pegged like this. She make me drip so much precum too. She's going to start making me take a dildo in the ass and then making me pull up my panties and jeans to hold it in place keeping the dildo stretching open my ass to take her larger dildo from her harness.

  3. No jeito pra mim penetrar bela,nu aqui e pau muito duro,beijos....