Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cum On A Spoon

After waiting 5+ weeks my wife fed me my ejaculation.  Mine was much larger than this photo and it overflowed the spoon a little.  She had me kneel so she could use the Hitachi Wand on my penis.  I had a first ejaculation that was very thick that stuck to the spoon then  a second as she kept the Hitachi Wand on my penis coaxing out a seconf thinner load of semen and precum.  Then she held it up to my mouth and I opened and in it went.  The thicker semen had to be licked off but my wife made sure I got it all.  It was hard to swallow but well worth the 5+ week wait.

Monday, May 1, 2017

My Wife Knows Exactly When I Need To Ejaculate - Once A Month!

She makes sure I enjoy it orally after a Long Hard OTK Spanking. 
She has taught me to control my personal need for ejaculation to only once a month and I am in total agreement. It feels and tastes so much better to wait a month between ejaculations.
Her spankings have also taught me obedience and total submission to her.  I expect and will ask for punishment because it pleases her.  She likes to hear me ask for a spanking and she especially likes to hear me ask for it harder as she spanks me. She knows it hurts and she loves to make sure I get what I ask for.
I love when she feeds me! She has taught how important it is for me to immediately eat the warm semen.  She likes to use a spoon to catch it and feed it to me after I politely ask for my feeding.  She has such a wonderful smile as she brings that spoon to my mouth and watches me open for my special once a month treat knowing all too well what fresh semen tastes like.
I get such a feeling of total obedience and submission when I have a mouthful of my own semen and I love how my wife seems to enjoy feeding me.  Some day I hope to self suck as the photo depicts so I can get the semen squirted right into my mouth where it belongs.