Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cum On A Spoon

After waiting 5+ weeks my wife fed me my ejaculation.  Mine was much larger than this photo and it overflowed the spoon a little.  She had me kneel so she could use the Hitachi Wand on my penis.  I had a first ejaculation that was very thick that stuck to the spoon then  a second as she kept the Hitachi Wand on my penis coaxing out a seconf thinner load of semen and precum.  Then she held it up to my mouth and I opened and in it went.  The thicker semen had to be licked off but my wife made sure I got it all.  It was hard to swallow but well worth the 5+ week wait.


  1. I haven't cum in a while but I'm going to ask my wife about using a spoon next time!!! I don't know why but the idea strikes me as extra humiliating...
    Congratulations on enjoying a nice sissy orgasm!!!

    1. Like I said she waited 5 weeks to let me ejaculate. She knew to use the largest spoon we have because I will always produce a lot of semen in my first ejaculation and that Hitachi Wand always make me shoot a second thinner ejaculation that fills the spoon with cum and lot of pre cum.

      I am always kneeling so she holds the spoon to my mouth and says, "Eat It Sissy" with a pretty smile.

      It makes me feel so completely obedient and submissive as I open my mouth and she puts the spoon in knowing I am not a fan of the taste.

      She also knows it' s a lot to swallow all at once and she is right.

      I guess I have to wait another month or more now for my next ejaculation.

  2. After my last cum, which I think may have been in February, my wife and I discussed having me eat my ejaculate. She doesn't really care one way or the other, but we had talked about it before and she didn't press me to do so at the time. I requested that she be firm about it and make this a "rule" that in the very rare occasion that she does allow me to cum, that I will eat it.
    Two weeks ago, we were in the shower as she soaped up and stroked my cock. I had not cum in 3 months as she ran the bar of soap over my ass hole. "You are going to make me cum!" I gasped, moments before I lost it. I was not happy to cum, for one because she had not told me I could, and secondly, the cum was all going to be washed away in the shower and I was supposed to eat it! I said "no, no, no" as I was nearly crying in despair.
    Oh well, maybe next time!


  4. I eat my cum every time, no questions. part of the life and i appreciate that it is not an option, simply a fact.