Monday, May 1, 2017

My Wife Knows Exactly When I Need To Ejaculate - Once A Month!

She makes sure I enjoy it orally after a Long Hard OTK Spanking. 
She has taught me to control my personal need for ejaculation to only once a month and I am in total agreement. It feels and tastes so much better to wait a month between ejaculations.
Her spankings have also taught me obedience and total submission to her.  I expect and will ask for punishment because it pleases her.  She likes to hear me ask for a spanking and she especially likes to hear me ask for it harder as she spanks me. She knows it hurts and she loves to make sure I get what I ask for.
I love when she feeds me! She has taught how important it is for me to immediately eat the warm semen.  She likes to use a spoon to catch it and feed it to me after I politely ask for my feeding.  She has such a wonderful smile as she brings that spoon to my mouth and watches me open for my special once a month treat knowing all too well what fresh semen tastes like.
I get such a feeling of total obedience and submission when I have a mouthful of my own semen and I love how my wife seems to enjoy feeding me.  Some day I hope to self suck as the photo depicts so I can get the semen squirted right into my mouth where it belongs.


  1. Only thing missing from that image is a good pegging while he feeds!

  2. I am also happily on a schedule of about once a month for ejaculations. After my last one, my wife and I discussed making it a rule going forward that I will my semen whenever and wherever I ejaculate. I have not received permission to do so since that talk and I am eager to see if she will require that I do so. Perhaps I need to politely ask for my feeding as you do.

    I wonder if my wife would like to hear me ask for a harder spanking or belt whipping. "Be careful what you ask for!"

  3. As the husband's conditioning progresses, his wife might pretend to forget his 'release date', just so she can hear him beg for his feeding.

  4. I would never beg. I am happy to wait until she says I can ejaculate.

  5. It has been over 5 weeks since I was permitted to ejaculate.

    Tonight will be my semen feeding after she gives me permission to ejaculate.

    She expects me to be on my knees before her to ask nicely to ejaculate and insists I say, "Please May I Eat My Semen".

    I cannot wait and I hope it is a nice thick load of semen.

    She has me so pussy whipped now.

    She loves to feed me using a spoon because she knows what semen tastes like and she knows I do not like the taste but she also knows my total submission and obedience to her makes me want to eat it to please her.

    I am her Cum Eating Sissy Husband and love my Dominant Wife.