Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pretty Sissies

I love dressing pretty for my wife.


  1. Women need to enforce this type of dressing for their men!

  2. I think it depends, there are "confused" and "awesome" men that deserve being feminized. And there are also men that, are "awesome" and "alpha" males that should be training other males, beta and submissive males. These "alpha" males, should always be submissive for women, when you let a man do what he wants, you can only expect disaster. So there's one 100% sure discussion, men should be trainde and leashed, but there are men who shoulde other men bitches, and there are men who should be under the direct power of women in heels. So in the end, every men must know and crave for pussylicking.

    1. Should be* sorry for the bad english, lating girl here