Thursday, June 29, 2017

Perfect Dress For A Sissy Housewife Husband

Completely Feminine
Let's Your Wife Know You Want To Be Her Sissy Husband
Let's You Be The Perfect Sissy Housewife Or Office Girl

Zips Up The Back And Can Be Locked On
Your Wife Gets To Keep The Key To The Dress And Your Leather Sissy Collar
She Has Easy Access To Punish Your Ass By Simply Lifting Your Dress
Your Erection Will Not Be Seen Under The Dress And Petticoats
Perfect With a Petticoat, Garter Belt, Stockings And High Heels
Just Add Nails Wig And Makeup And You Become The Wife
Become The Prettiest Girl In The Office

A Perfect Choice For Everyday Wear At Home Or Office

Spoon Fed - What My Wife Feeds Me

She would feed me my own semen if we were out at dinner.

Couple is not us but the photo is nice!

I did get a great milking and feeding the other night after 5 weeks of no ejaculation.  It was very thick and very delicious.  Her Hitachi Wand made me squirt into a glass as I knelt on the coffee table. As soon as I was done squirting I knelt before her and she handed me my sperm in a glass and I drank it.

I love her expression when I drink my sperm!
She knows exactly what it tastes like so when I eat it she loves it.
She has a trained semen eater!
She told me if I was good I might get another feeding sooner.
I am trying to be really good every day!
It would be nice to be fed every day!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Being Smooth Shaved Changes Everything

My wife is so right, when she denudes me she changes my entire persona. 

All suggestions of being a male disappears except for my penis and little breasts. My nipples actually get very sensitive and very erect when I am denuded.  My wife has been using strong nipple suction to make them harder and more pronounced.  The suction leaves a nice ring around them making them appears larger. I want to get them pierced soon.  I love the idea of having pretty jewelry hanging from my nipples.

I get such an overwhelming desire to wear pretty lingerie and dresses, skirts and blouses or nice Jeggings or jeans and a cute top. And I love wearing heels all the time now. I wear at least a 3" heel now and like 4" for date night. And I have three different sizes of breast forms to fill my bras; small B cup forms for daily wear when we go shopping, medium C cup forms for office wear and large D cup forms for special occasions.

When I do dress my legs look great in stockings and heels and my arms look perfect in a sleeveless dress.  And the best part is there is no hiding a hairless body.

A hairless Sissy Husband quickly learns he is now the Sissy Housewife and as a Sissy Housewife he learns to obey, respect and please his superior wife.

He also learns obedience from punishment.  He knows punishment is meant to hurt and leave marks and will be administered daily as a reminder of his obedience and submission. If he requests punishment daily it will hurt less.  If does not request punishment it will be much more severe.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Denuding My Husband Every Year - A Hairless Husband Neck Down

There is an amazing reaction from my husband when I denude him every year in the fall.  A total sense of submission and obedience overcomes him and I love it.  His whole demeanor changes to that of a total Sissy once the hair is gone from his body.

I may need to denude him much sooner before we take our vacation in August to Florida so we can get some beach time with him hairless and naked on Sandy Hook.  He needs some public Sissy Exposure and I love the idea of having my bathing suit on while my smooth Sissy Husband is total naked and hairless walking with me holding my hand.  It lets all those that see him know I am the Dominant one and he is my Sissy. 

He does get quite aroused naked so I am sure his penis will be fully erect and nice and thick getting some sun.  I will be sure to give him a little hand hold and a stroke to make sure he stays erect for me. He's at least 7-8" hard. It will be fun to see the looks of other women.  Especially after I use the paddle on his ass hard just before we leave the parking lot and walk to the beach. A nice bright red ass will be so obvious on a shaved smooth nude husband.

When we go to Florida in August he really could use a week of being hairless in public to learn to be a better Submissive Sissy Husband not to mention work on his cute Sissy Tan Line.  I can just see the looks and comments as he walks with me in Key West on Duval Street.  We even have matching White Shorts and Pretty Tanks tops we can wear!

He knows he must remain hairless for me when I tell him it's time to shave smooth. The initial shaving takes a while and fills the tub with his body hair but the personality and mood change is amazing. I have noticed his immediate desire to wear bras, panties, garter belts and stockings when he is hairless.

Last year he wanted to wear a skirt and blouse or dress with high heels more often and I loved it so I think it will be daily starting this year.  No choice in the matter, he will wear a dress or a skirt and blouse every day.  He will be the Sissy Housewife.

He had been asking for punishment daily a lot last year and he most certainly will get it more than daily this year.  I really do enjoy when he asks and accepts a nice hard paddling or OTK spanking.

And this year he is going to learn to apply and wear makeup and a wig every day at home.  And his nails may have to be acrylic all the time now.  I will make this a requirement for my Sissy Wife/Husband.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Perfect Sissy Husband

Smooth shaved - Cute Little Breasts - Soft and Flaccid Penis - Doing *her* laundry - What more could you expect from a Sissy Housewife?

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Perfect For Her Handbag

When she needs it she just takes it out and has me pull down my pants and panties.
It can be at the mall in a dressing room or a family bathroom.
It can be on the road after I pull over and lay on my belly on the front seat.
That little paddle delivers a welted ass in no time.
A 30 second paddling leaves me welted and red.
It teaches a Sissy like me obedience and total submission.
A nice sore ass is a good reminder before we visit friends or go shopping.
And it puts a smile on her face when she is done.