Monday, June 12, 2017

Perfect Sissy Husband

Smooth shaved - Cute Little Breasts - Soft and Flaccid Penis - Doing *her* laundry - What more could you expect from a Sissy Housewife?


  1. Perhaps more of a smile, but that's about it. :)

  2. I love being shaved smooth and my little titties are about that big.

    Why do I shave smooth?

    The best reason is because my Dominant wife told me to keep myself shaved smooth from the neck down. I have no choice in the matter. She wants a smooth Sissy Husband so she will have a Smooth Sissy Husband. I obey her completely. If I ever disobey her I will get a well deserved ass beating.

    Being shaved smooth I will look better in a Dress, Skirt, Capri's, Skinny Jeans or Jeggings or whatever feminine outfit *she* buys for me. I dress to please her and be her total Sissy Housewife Husband. Shaving is my responsibility to prove I will obey and respect her authority and keep myself hair free.

    I also know a Shaved Sissy Husband does not undress for anyone except their wives unless their wife decides he needs to be exposed to another man or woman for humiliation training.

    Perhaps the best reason to shave myself smooth is I learn obedience. I will do as instructed and will not object or complain. The quicker I am hairless the quicker I will become more submissive.

    I love being shaved smooth!