Thursday, June 29, 2017

Perfect Dress For A Sissy Housewife Husband

Completely Feminine
Let's Your Wife Know You Want To Be Her Sissy Husband
Let's You Be The Perfect Sissy Housewife Or Office Girl

Zips Up The Back And Can Be Locked On
Your Wife Gets To Keep The Key To The Dress And Your Leather Sissy Collar
She Has Easy Access To Punish Your Ass By Simply Lifting Your Dress
Your Erection Will Not Be Seen Under The Dress And Petticoats
Perfect With a Petticoat, Garter Belt, Stockings And High Heels
Just Add Nails Wig And Makeup And You Become The Wife
Become The Prettiest Girl In The Office

A Perfect Choice For Everyday Wear At Home Or Office


  1. I love this dress!!!! I'll never understand why any woman would want to wear pants when this beautiful option is available to them....I particularly like dresses like this....I missed the petticoat era but wish it would come back!!!! I have many pettis but I have only a few dresses that I can wear them with!!!
    Thanks for the pictures!!!

  2. Kaaren these dresses are readily available on Amazon and not very expensive.

    1. My wife prefers me in something a little more revealing and she's the boss after all, but I do have a few in the closet.

    2. I totally understand Kaaren. I too like something more revealing after normal work hours.

      Since I work at home my wife wants me to be dressed properly for the office. She tells me if I was able to work en femme I would want to wear something attractive for my superiors. She she is my superior I agree with her. And I just love the styles from the 50's that made it clear a woman should be feminine and wearing a dress.

      You sound like a cute couple. Always nice to meet another Femdom Couple Kaaren. Where are you two from? We are East Coast near Philly and New York.

  3. We're East Coast too Sweetie....we're a little Northwest of NYC...commuting distance....she works in the financial district and I'm a full time housewife/maid...

  4. Very nice. Your are quite close to us. We are just barely commuting distance from NYC to the West. I work at home a lot (hence the Office Girl Wardrobe) and she works outside of the house.