Saturday, July 8, 2017

Sissy Wore This Dress For Me And I Spanked Him All Day

That cute ass got spanked hard at least 4 times yesterday.

He knows he must ask me nicely to be spanked. I love to hear him walking down the hallway towards me in those heels knowing he wants to ask me as I have trained him. I gladly spanked him nice and hard multiple times yesterday.

He took it nicely too and just stood there quietly with barely a whimper as I reddened his ass and enjoyed myself.  I like to hold his erection on one hand and spank with the other hand.  He gets positive and negative reinforcement of my Dominance. I also like to verbally remind him of just how much a Sissy Husband he has become and how he must always obey me.

I knew he liked it by the size and hardness of his erection that was only allowed to get hard but not ejaculate. Erect he is at least 7-8" and when I am done and he is nice and red I have him tuck that nice hard erection back into his panties and go back to work.  He knows he only gets to ejaculate maybe once every 5 weeks now.

He is such a good Sissy Husband now!

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