Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Spencer Paddle Discipline - Teaches Obedience - Enforces Submission

My wife and I are in total agreement.

The Spencer Paddle is the best tool to teach Obedience and Submission.

She recently sent me a note that she was displeased when I look at other women and asked me for a suggestion how I might stop this unacceptable behavior. 
She knows I was being asked for a punishment method that she would agree to help me be more obedient and comply with her demand.  All I could think of is how effective the Spencer Paddle is when she wants to teach me to change my behavior.
I suggested a restrained session on the bed with me secured spread eagle so my arms and legs could be secured tightly and she could have complete unfettered assess to paddle me as long and hard as she wanted while she verbally scolded me and give me proper behavior modification.
I also suggested she use a tablet running a slide show of pretty women directly in front of me so I could respond to her questions and she could us the photos to gauge my response.  I am sure she will expect me to have no erection as I look at these women. My training to restrict ejaculation and control erections will be tested.

I found a good collection of large breasted women with 138 photos. The list could be run as a slide show giving my wife a 10 second interval between photos to scold me and ask me questions about the photos.
A 138 photo database at 10 seconds each would give my wife a 23 minute punishment and I would earn 138 painful Spencer Paddle impacts.

She liked the idea.

What questions should she ask me?


  1. For every question I ask sissy, the punishment will be at least 10 painful Spencer Paddle impacts for any answer I am not happy with. Sissy needs to learn!!!

  2. Yes I know and agree honey. Being restrained and knowing you like to use that paddle will make sure I answer correctly. That's why I suggested the Spencer Paddle.

  3. 1) Explain your attraction to large breasts
    2) Would you like to have large breasts yourself?
    3) What do you think those women would think of you?
    4) What would you be willing to do for those women?
    5) What makes you think you're worthy of any of these women?
    6) Would you suck a cock to be allowed to look at them?
    7) Will you wear DD breast forms when we go shopping?
    8) Would you apologize to every woman you ogle?
    and so on.....

    1. Just trying to be helpful....mu purpose is to please...