Tuesday, August 15, 2017

September Is Shave Your Sissy Husband Month

It's almost September and my Sissy is getting anxious for his first denuding - All hair below his neck comes off.

There is an amazing reaction from my husband when I denude him every year in the fall.  A total sense of submission and obedience overcomes him and I love it.  His whole demeanor changes to that of a total Sissy Housewife Husband once the hair is gone from his body. He becomes much more obedient and I like total obedience.

He knows he must remain hairless for me when I tell him it's time to shave smooth. The initial shaving takes a while and fills the tub with his body hair but the personality and mood change is amazing. I have noticed his immediate desire to wear bras, panties, garter belts and stockings when he is hairless.

Last year he wanted to wear a skirt and blouse or dress with high heels more often and I loved it so I think it will be daily starting this year.  He has no choice in the matter this year. He will wear a dress or a skirt and blouse every day.  He will be my Sissy Housewife.

He had been asking for punishment daily a lot last year and he most certainly will get it more than daily this year.  I really do enjoy when he asks and accepts a nice hard paddling or OTK spanking. And he will be getting monthly restrained Spencer Paddling and I will determine when he has had enough.

My Spencer Paddle will be used a lot more this year to teach total obedience. The marks I leave will last for a nice long time plus my Sissy Husband will be spending some quality corner time this upcoming year.  I want to let him think about how he can better serve me and be a more obedient Sissy Housewife.  It will mean getting up earlier to shower, dress and put on his makeup and wig so I wake to see my Sissy Housewife.

He will get it just as hard as this >> Click > Excellent Paddling < Click 

I do hope I hear just as much crying and complaining as my Spencer Paddle reddens his ass. He will be restrained and helpless so it will be so much more enjoyable for me. And as an added benefit after about 25 with the Spenser Paddle my husband will answer questions very honestly knowing I will continue to use the paddle until I hear what I want to hear.

The final result will be a deeply reddened ass and plenty of time in the corner to reflect on his desire to be a more submissive and totally obedient Sissy Housewife.

And the best part is he willingly asks for and submits to the Spencer Paddling.