Thursday, August 31, 2017

Semen Training Will Begin In September

My husband and I discussed changing his ejaculation schedule from once a month to several times daily provided he adhere to some very basic rules.

  • He will of course consume his semen after each ejaculation.
  • His ejaculations will increase to a minimum of 3 a day or more.
  • All ejaculations will be onto a hand mirror using my Hitachi Wand or by his or my hand.
  • He will use a short plastic straw to suck up the semen for consumption.
  • I will encourage and tease him verbally so he knows how well he is performing.

This ejaculation training is designed to teach Sissy to enjoy eating and tasting his semen. His schedule of ejaculations will be 3 times a day or more to maximize his opportunity and privilege to eat his own semen. This amounts to about 3-5 feedings a day.

The straw will make the semen land directly on his tongue so he can enjoy sucking and more importantly tasting and swallowing every drop.  He admitted to me he did not like the taste of semen but after he gets a month of semen eating (100-140 ejaculations) done he will get used to it.  If he does like eating his semen then he will just have to do it because I want him to do it.

He has a penis gag with a feeding tube that could also be used to suck the semen off the mirror and it would give him a sensation of having a cock in his mouth and getting semen squirted into his throat.

The mirror is also used to let him see himself eating his own semen just like I see him - A totally Submissive Sissy Cum Eating Husband. 

In a months time he will have become my Sissy Husband Cum Slut.


  1. 3 times a day!!!! Or more!!!!! And all I have to do is eat my own cum!!!!! Sign me up now!!!! I always eat my own cum whenever I'm lucky enough to have release!!!!

  2. My wife and I think the straw method is best to make sure I enjoy the taste.

  3. I like the penis gag feeding method. Prepares sissy for getting it straight from the source.

  4. Well, first off, I love the taste of cum, so eating my own is no problem. However, this idea of my wife putting me on such an intensive schedule of masturbating and eating my own cum several times a day, especially as described here, would be intense indeed. I think I would enjoy the domination and resulting submission this would entail.