Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My Husband Is Getting This PA Chastity

First He Is Getting The PA
 Then We Will Order The Chastity
 Then He Will Be Locked 24x7


  1. OW! That cage looks short. How long is it? Something like two inches?

  2. This lovely inevitibility must be exiting!

  3. Look at the video at the bottom of my post. It is meant to lock onto the tip of the pens and cannot be pulled off because of the PA. Permits an erection and will not cause chafing around balls like most other chastity devices I have owned. What I like is the addition of a PA to make it very secure.

  4. Thanks for the link. I wasn't familiar with the PA option. Looks disarmingly effective. Hope you'll post progress reports.

  5. The PA adds a nice level of security. It will not be pulled off.

  6. Hi Sissy!

    I am curious how chastity has been working out and would love to hear an an update from you!

    Hope all is well!