Thursday, January 17, 2019

Sissy Husband Punishment Is Important

A Severe Punishment Is Necessary For My Husband

My Husband Is Always Restrained For A Severe Paddling

Saturday He Will Be Getting My Spencer Paddle

He Will Kneel And Ask Politely For His Punishment

He Will Be Spread Eagle Wearing Leather Cuffs

He Found Me Ratchet Straps To Pull Him Tight

I Stretch Him Nice And Tight So He Is Helpless

Then A Ball Gag For His Mouth And A Butt Plug In His Ass

Then I Begin - A Scolding First Then 10 As Hard As I Can

He's Whimpering - I Switch Sides - More Scolding - 10 More

That White Ass Is Getting Nice And Red

I Am Smiling - I Love The Spencer Paddle

I Switch Sides - More Scolding - This Time 20 More

Sissy Is Crying - I Switch Sides - More Scolding - 20 More

I Stop And Whisper To Him - "You Will Obey Me Sissy"

Then I Let Him Know I Am Done With The Spencer Paddle

I Lay Out The 2" Leather Strap With The Wooden Handle

He Can See It Right In Front Of His Face

I Tell Him "Catch Your Breath - Your Getting The Strap"




Monday, January 14, 2019

My Husband Got Treats At Halftime

He asked me for a glass of wine 

I gave him a fresh glass of my wine

He immediately knelt before me and swallowed it all

I love watching him drinking my pee

Such obedience!

Afterwards he was quite excited

I felt him getting hard in his bright yellow ruffled panties

I made him take off his dress to kneel and masturbate

He was wearing his matching bright yellow bra

The sheer lace of the bra made his breast forms look real

He is so polite when he asks to eat his semen

He filled the spoon and I fed him

His last ejaculation and feeding was 6 weeks ago

Sissy loves eating his cum - Me too!


Thursday, January 10, 2019

An Acceptable Husband Sissy Maid Dress

Respectfully Feminine Including Pretty Apron

Just Short Enough For Public Exposure

Accommodates Small Petticoat And Stockings/Garters

Short Enough For Easy Punishment

Loops In Back For Locking

White Locking Collar With Sissies Name Attached

Short And Nicely Styled Wig

Low Non Slip Heals For All Day Wear

 My Husband Needs This Uniform

He Also Needs And Will Get The Spencer Paddle

He Going To Maid For Me Every Weekend


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Perfection - A Pretty Sissy Maid Serving

Pretty Uniform

Pretty Makeup, Long Nails and Hair

Smooth Shaved And Perfumed

Collared (my husband has a white Sissy collar)

On Her Knees Serving

A Perfect Sissy Maid Husband 

Hardwood Floors (my husband will know what I mean)

Hidden - A Crimson Welted Ass And Wet Panties

Me? Enjoying The View Of Him Serving My Friend

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Making Him Dress And Work As A Maid

He Wants To Be Exposed As A Sissy To My Girlfriend

He Would Be An Excellent House Maid For Her 

His Humiliation As A House Maid Would Be Wonderful

I Would Of Course Supervise Him While He Worked

He Would Be Given A Severe Spencer Paddling 

He Would Be Corrected Immediately And In Front Of Her

I Think His Idea Needs To Become Reality