Thursday, January 10, 2019

An Acceptable Husband Sissy Maid Dress

Respectfully Feminine Including Pretty Apron

Just Short Enough For Public Exposure

Accommodates Small Petticoat And Stockings/Garters

Short Enough For Easy Punishment

Loops In Back For Locking

White Locking Collar With Sissies Name Attached

Short And Nicely Styled Wig

Low Non Slip Heals For All Day Wear

 My Husband Needs This Uniform

He Also Needs And Will Get The Spencer Paddle

He Going To Maid For Me Every Weekend



  1. Dear Dom Mistress,

    I recently started following your blog a few days ago, I've seen all posts posted here since its inception and I'm enjoying it immensely! I believe, that we only know someone, when we fill their souls through their eyes, or when we look at what they have in their heart. The thing I liked the most about your blog is the attention given to visitors.

    I followed for almost three years another American couple who has a great FLR wedding, Mistress and his sissy wife cuckold, but She decided to end their Blog in 2017 and it was a huge happiness for me... Best of all, I learned from them what it's be a real sissy wife and my own feminization has progressed, equally no question that my arousal at pictures of a hard cock has progressed as well. Now I know my real role in my marriage, I swallow my own cum and know that it only belongs in my mouth, ever ready to catch my warm treat...

    Controlling a male through feminization is the way to a great marriage and your sissy wife is so lucky to have A Dominant Woman. I am married 25 years ago, I am a submissive obedient feminized sissy wife and my "Lady and Owner" is the Dominant in our marriage.

    I cross dresses at least once or twice a week, but I wear panties with panty liners every day and shave my body to be gentle to me. I also thrive to please Her as a submissive and obedient husband. I accept discipline without restrictions and request maintenance punishment.

    I try to bring my FLR fantasy to my Lady Wife, but She is less than thrilled and I do not know how to get Her on board. I believe the great problem is that my Wife is a woman japanese descendant and they themselves are the submissive type. But She loves it when I cook, clean the house, wash and iron the clothes and other household services, like a good maid or housewife for Her!

    I recognize that every day, more and more Women are realizing the great benefits of having feminine and pretty males in Their lives. I'm wright that the New Age Independent Woman deserves to have a sissy gurl at home taking care of the house and being ready to serve Her Breadwinning Wife!

    If you would allow me to make a suggestion, I know your sissy knows its place in your Marriage, it’s totally submissive and obedient, it know how to dress to please its Dom Mistress, earn punishment daily, It's trained to not ejaculate without permission, always eating its semen when permission is given and it's ever to present respectfully on its knees before Her Wife, but would be important to it that its clitty stays remain in permanent 24/7 chastity, only time it may ever be unlocked is if cleaning requires it.

    Being a sissy gurl is not just dressing up, using a hairstyle and makeup, walking and talking in appropriate ways, being a maid or a housewife. It must have the attitude of a Woman! Living as a woman is one of the most beautiful things in the world, knowing Her universe is what represents a real woman, and this presents itself in one of the most common things, such as understanding what it means “to pee seated”. Mandatory for a sissy! The more feminine You make it be, think and act like a true woman, more girly and happy it will be!

    In addition, it should do waxing and nail painting in a beauty salon. Showing off your feminine hubbie is what You need to do to encourage other Women to feminize their males. Strong Women deserve to have pretty, submissive male as their sissy husbands!

    When you read your first post here, I saw that you lost your data on the Google server. If you are interested, I have stored here your blog records for the period from April to October 2016.

    Thanks for Reading...

    Kisses for us and take care!

    Satiko + 10 Shades of Pink! (From Brazil)

    1. What a nice reply. Yes I would like to see the data you have stored.

  2. is this the type of uniform she'll be serving and cleaning your girlfriend's house in?

    1. If I can find this uniform yes this is what I would like her to wear.

    2. Here's a couple that are close -

      1st shop does custom orders too.



  3. Higher heels are necessary, she will get used to them. Also, sissy will be looking forward to the weekends even more now. Perfect

    1. She has about 8 pairs of 4" heels now. She is very comfortable wearing them.

    2. 4" is an excellent height. High enough to be very feminine, and enforce a walk, but not so high to look stripper/fetishy/drag queeny and make her unable to work.
      (come to think of it, in that picture to the left, someone is wearing 4" heels....)

  4. Also don't forget a small bell on her so you know where she is or one you can use to summon her without raising your voice.

    1. I was thinking about a small bell for her new PA Chastity. Sissy wants a PA Piercing.

  5. Beautiful, what a lucky girl she is.